Mrs. Thompson's Class Word List

November 10-14

More R-Controlled Vowels

Our Word Work focus this week will be on -er, -ir, and -ur R-controlled vowels. All three combinations make the same sound. They all sound like /er/. When we read, it's easy because we know this sound. But, when we spell, it can be tricky. Try more than one spelling for a word and see "if it looks right"...does it look like it fits into the word family?

Our Word Work List:

  1. perch
  2. water
  3. panther
  4. number
  5. first
  6. circle
  7. hurt
  8. burn
  9. turkey
  10. fur

Challenge Words:



Home Practice Ideas

  1. Write the spelling words and draw a picture for each one on pieces of paper. Staple the pages together to make a book.
  2. Write a letter to your teacher using all of the spelling or word wall words. Bring this letter to Mrs. Thompson and receive a special reward!!