Endangered salamander !

Allegheny Mountain Dusky Salamander is endangered!

Why they are endangered

The Allegheny mountain dusky salamander is endangered because of the developers in the Niagara Peninsula. The Developers in the Niagara Peninsula have been building large subdivisions with hundreds of homes. They have been tearing up the natural environment to create commercial spaces for plazas, restaurants, and large stores. They are taking away the Allegheny mountain dusky salamander’s habitat so they can't live anywhere. If the Allegheny mountain dusky salamander goes extinct, it will create an imbalance in the entire ecosystem. In addition, if they go extinct other species in the Niagara Peninsula may go extinct too!

What will happen to the ecosystem

If the-the Allegheny mountain dusky salamander goes extinct the Niagara Peninsula's ecosystem would get all messed up and it will ruin the Niagara Peninsula's fresh produce! It will ruin the ecosystem because the little insects that the Allegheny mountain dusky salamander ate would grow and grow because nobody is eating them! Another way it will ruin the Niagara Peninsula's ecosystem because the Allegheny mountain dusky salamander’s predators won't be able to eat it so they won't have much food then there would be competition for food and the predators will die too!

Plan of action

The way that the community can save the Allegheny mountain dusky salamander is by making animal reserves and restricting their habitats and protecting the lands so the developers can't buy it. The animal reserves could go on Beaver island, Strawberry island, Pirates island, and Navy island because they are decent sized isolated islands that can easily be blocked off for the animal reserves. They would need to get everything up and running as soon as possible so the developers don't kill any more salamanders. By taking these uninhabited islands we would be able to save the Allegheny mountain dusky salamander from extinction.

About the salamander

The Allegheny mountain dusky salamanders scientific name is Desmognathus coryphaeus. It personal characteristics are ; it is 7-10 centimetres long, it is usually orange, yellow, or brown and might have a line down it's back along with black spots. It particularly likes to live in rocky terrains or next to a stream. Also, it was only discovered in 2004. If you own your property and an Allegheny mountain dusky salamander and you discover it you can tell the government and get a reward.

About the Niagara Peninsula

The Niagara peninsula has multiple interesting facts also those facts are: the Niagara Peninsula lies directly between Ontario and U.S., and we get most of Ontario's fresh produce from the Niagara peninsula. It also is right between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. In addition one of the most important things that comes from the Niagara, the peninsula is Ontario asparagus because it only goes in the season for 3 weeks and it is Ontario's best product. The Niagara region is also home to cherry trees, apples and many wine vineyards.

Date: May 9th 2016