I'm an extrovert so I always have a positive attitude , and I like to be honest about myself. Anything i have to do I do it and I put my mind to it to get it done, and I like to be organized with my stuff


- I'm a freshmen student in Hebron High School

- My 6 through 8 grade year I went to Killian Middle School

References & Experiences

I volunteered as a helper for Independence Elementary School during summer with a friend and we helped the teachers with kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students. We helped them to take care of the kids and anything they need it. It was really fun to just spend time with the kids and help the teachers. After I finished they gave me a reference paper for my future job.

I'm volunteering for a the Big Event in my high school where I'm gonna be helping in school to make some blankets for the make a wish foundation.


I've gotten awards over the years sense elementary school, I'm a very hard working person and I like to achieve my goals.
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