Addie M.

Carrer Development Period 6


Right brained people are usually very imaginative, intuitive, and creative.


My personality type is very organized and structured. The four letters that describe me are ESFJ. I'm also very creative and like to I plan ahead. The color that represents me is gold.


Some of the characteristics of someone with a gold personality type are obedient, faithful, dependable, efficient, organized, helpful, etc. Some of my strengths include helping things run smoothly, I'm also good at keeping track of people and times. Things that often seem to frustrate gold personality types are irresponsibility, lack of planning, lack of discipline, laziness, and high risks. Others may get annoyed with golds because they can sometimes be too controlling or bossy. They also like to plan for everything and can be very judgmental.


When it comes to motivation, if I'm very passionate or determined about the cause, I will exceed and put in as much work required to reach my goals. On my stress level test, I scored a 99, far passing the normal rate of about 60. This could be because of the fact that I like to push myself in things like athletics and academics. In a team, Im usually the person who is encouraging others to achieve greatness and like to be the motivator of the group.


Ambiverts have both character traits of an extrovert and an introvert. We like to be around people and have fun but we also like to have our alone time.


According to my results, some of my carrer choices include family and comunity services, marketing communications, and personal care services. From my results, my career choices are preforming arts, family and community and service, personal care services, marketing communications, and administartion and administratve support.

Baylor University

I choose Baylor because it stands out as one of the only well known research universities that continues to hold true to it's Christian foundation and values. Dailey, the staff and students live out their faith as they study with the glory of God as their primary goal.

City and State: Waco, TX

Public or Private: Private

Enrollment Size: 13,859

Total Cost per Year: $27,080

High School Plans: Bentonville West High School

As the first class to go all four years through BWHS, I will graduate on May 23rd, 2020

Addie Morris

"Jeaslousy is a lack of self-confidece"