Amazing Octopuses

By: Giovonni Gonzalez


This amazing organism has some of the most extravagant ways to live. These amazing creatures move in many unique ways, catch food in many amazing ways, and their unique colors.


So this fascinating creature of the ocean has some of the most unique ways to live. From their crazy ways to move, What they eat, to their amazing variations of color. In my opinion octopuses are one of the most amazing creatures in the ocean.

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Go Fish!

The type of fish I got were the Siamese fighting fish, the crown tail betta fish, the neon tetra fish, the domino damsel fish, the mandarin goby , and the strawberry Dottyback. I had a budget of $250, and i spent $140.47 on the decorations and the tanks, Also I spent 46.57 dollars on the fish. My tank could only hold 20 gallons and I could only fit about 8 of my fish in the tank. My favorite fish was the neon tetra because it had bright neon colors.

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My Diorama

In this diorama is made a clay sea snake, two pieces of coral, a rock, a jelly fish an octopus, a whale, and a sword fish.