12 Characteristics of a Leader

by: Elyssa DiRienzo 082713

Mahatma Gandhi

Passion, Purity, Kindness and Peace                                                  Gandhi was a unique leader, who based his judgements on Buddhist teachings of peace and non-violence. He studied law in Europe and freed India in the 1940's. He's revered for his wisdom and calmness.

George Washington

Vision, Humility, Pererverance and Faithfulness                                                      A well-known leader of the United States, George Washington has led our country to freedom and perservered through gruesome battle after gruesome battle and managed to stay true to our homeland.

Winston Churchill

Excellence, Courage, Integrity and Self-Control                               Churchill was prime minister of Britan during WWII. Britan feared being defeated by Germany, but Churchills fearlessness, swift thinking and effective collaboration lead to the defeat of Hitler.

Bill Gates

Loyal, Joy, Patience, Goodness                                                         Bill Gates Started on the bottom of the "Totem Pole", a man with ideas but not enough support to express them. He remained patient and waited for the right oppertunity to succeed. He now leads Microsoft. Even as wealthy as he is now, he continues to donate large amounts of money to charity. 

Abraham Lincolin

Honesty, Love, Gentleness, Kindness                                                  Abraham is a well-known leader during the Civil War. He fought for the freedom of slaves; not for his own benefit, but for justice. He is known as "Honest Abe" for being completely honest throughout his term as President.