The Glam Squad Times!

Rockin' the rest of the Summer!!

Hellooooo to the Oh-So-Gorgeous Glam Squad!!

First of apologies to all of you for being a bit off the radar in July! It was a crazy month - with Hoopla, my 40th birthday celebrations, a packed TS schedule when I got back from Vegas...please forgive me! I'm just getting my laundry from Vegas done now! I was missing you all though, and thinking of you toujours!!

I hope you've had a FABULOUS summer so far - and are looking forward to a great few weeks ahead! I wanted to touch base, say hello, celebrate US, and share some ideas to help rock out the rest of your summer! Always loving your feedback too!

Wishing you sunshine and sending hugs!!



*******BREAKING NEWS*******

...and another big congratulations to....

...the lovely Lorna DePetrillo for sponsoring TWO new stylists and helping them get off to an amazing start in July!! Go girl!! We'd LOVE for you to share some sponsoring tips on the FB page! XO

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A MEGA Glam Squad Welcome goes to...

...and Sarah Campbell (I don't have your picture Sarah C.! Please friend me on FB!) who are the GS's newest sparkly stylists!! Congratulations on diving into this exciting new adventure! Make sure you're in touch with your upline regularly during your jumpstart, and soak up as much as you can in New Stylist Training in SDU so you can make the most of this exciting time as you launch your business! Yahoo!! XO

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But if you weren't there...WE MISSED YOU!!! Jamie, Rosanna, and I were proud to 'represent' though!! And we'll share some of our top takeaways on the FB page!! Who's in for next year? Orlando - July 17th to 19th, 2014 (Mark your calendars!!)!! It's a game-changer for sure and more fun than you can imagine!!!Whoot!! Check out Jessica's Keynote - so awesome!!

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Who's ready to ROCK the rest of their SUMMER?!!

What do you think? Yes these pieces of the upcoming Exclusive Hostess Boutique would be great to have in your collection - and they're still within reach!! But whatever your goals to the end of the month - make sure you rock it the way YOU want to!! With all these gorgeous new pieces, it's a crime NOT to share the sparkle as much as we possibly can!!

Maybe join a Booking Blitz? Do one of your own? Challenge yourself to send out 20 new look books with little notes - AND write in that note that you'll call to follow up!!? Lots of options! Don't forget, your hostess gets an extra $50 in product credit with a qualifying show this month - who wouldn't want that!!??

One thing I do to get my numbers up? I love to fill up a tote (maybe a "Bring It" or two?) and send it in to work with a friend who works in an office (and throw in a couple of catalogues and order forms). More often than not, the girls in the office love it up, and she comes back with some great orders (and if she's that good at gathering them, maybe she's the next stylist on your team!!!?) Give it a try!

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So that's a wrap...

...from me for now. I hope you have the most wonderful rest of this month! As September gets closer, I'm thinking of my goals for fall and (I know it seems far away, but) how I'd like to wrap up my 2013! I'd love for you to be part of a Director team before this year wraps - so I'm looking for some stars who want to take their business (and their income!) to the next level! Is that you? Let me know! I also plan to put in place regular office hours and coaching call/meeting times come September. I'll keep you posted, but i'm looking for your feedback. What are your goals? How can I help you in your business? I look forward to connecting with each of you soon, and we're going to make things happen together!!

Wishing you a perfectly wonderful next few weeks with family and friends, doing whatever it is you love! These are the times girlfriends!! We only have one chance at this 'life' thing - so let's make the most of it!

Thanks for all you do,



P.S. One of my favourite quotes above! XO

MairiAnna Bachynsky

Independent Star Stylist, Stella & Dot