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Weekly Update January 28, 2016

February Team Meetings

It was awesome to see those of you that attended the January Team Meetings. I so appreciate your participation and I hope you see you in February!! The dates for the February Meetings are Tuesday, February 2 at 9:00 am and Wednesday, February 3 at 6:00 pm and we are meeting at the Biggby Coffee located at 4450 Breton Road SE in Grand Rapids. These events are listed in the events section of the Charming Designers Team Page. Please RSVP if you can attend.

I hope to see you all there!

New Valentine's Hostess Exclusive and Double Hostess Rewards

Just a few more days for your hostesses to earn DOUBLE HOSTESS REWARDS!! What an amazing incentive the Nest has given us to jump start 2016!!!
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O2 Bundle

We’re excited to share that the O2 Bundle is receiving an upgrade!

Starting on February 4, you can subscribe to the annual O2 Bundle for a number of features to enhance your business including:

  • New, fresh leads. Meet the initial eligibility requirements to participate in the Origami Owl Leads Program, which entitles you to receive the contact information of new Designers in your area when they need a Mentor, and Customers when they need a Designer.
  • Leads Bonus Pool. Meet the initial eligibility qualification to participate in the Leads Bonus Pool to receive bonuses four times annually.
  • Enhanced reporting. Receive access to additional reports that provide insight into how you can maximize your efforts in the Career Plan, and enjoy the best rewards for you and your team with our MyO2 Rewards Program.
  • Exclusive access to future features. You’ll be the FIRST to take advantage of new “perks” we will be adding throughout the year. Stay tuned for details!

If you enrolled in the annual subscription for the O2 Bundle in the past, great news: you will automatically be enrolled in the annual subscription for the new O2 Bundle for free. Your annual subscription will run from February 4, 2016 through January 31, 2017.

As of February 4, you will be able to subscribe to the service for $9/month or $99/year in your Back Office My Account > Subscription Bundle section. You could also earn it for FREE in the future-we’ll extend your O2 Bundle subscription for a year if you hit Owlchiever at least six months of the year!*.

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Check Out the PAL!!!

Wow!!! Most all items are back in stock!!! There are just a few items remaining out of stock now and those should be back in stock next week! Way to go Nest!!!
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Scam Alert!!!!

I have been contacted by several of you who have received an email request to make a purchase. This is always exciting!!! However, as contact is made, this one explains that they must send payment via either check or money order as they don't use credit cards. Please beware! The way this ends of working is they send you payment for more than the purchase amount and ask that you refund the balance to them. Then, when it's too late and you have sent product and money, you find out that the original payment from them is fake and you are out the entire amount of their payment, the refund and the product.

2016 O2 Experience Registration

Registration is open for the 2016 O2 Registration! I don't know about you, but I can't wait!!! There are several new options available for registering this year.
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Charming Designers Facebook Page

I would love to have you all on our team Facebook page. If you are not a member of the Charming Designers page and would like to be, please send me a friend request on Facebook and a message requesting to join. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.

How are YOU Approaching O2 in 2016?

Do you remember your "Why"? If so, has it changed as your business has changed? I really feel like knowing your Why and re-evaluating just what O2 means to you is a really important part of making your O2 business work for you. It helps us to give meaning to our efforts along with defining our goals.

I would love for you to share your Why's on the Charming Designers Page!!

Thank you so much for all you do,

Laura Ausbrooks

Executive Team Leader

Charming Designers