Doomsday Cult


The Doomsday cults, sometimes referred to as "death cults." They refer to themselves as "new religious movements. The groups are quite rare in reality, but are often talked about in folklore and fiction. The Doomsday Cults can cause great harm to themselves or the public.

Mass Media

means of communication designed to reach the general population

The doomsday groups could gain attention in many different ways. A sign of a doomsday group is murders. Murders always get on the news so this could be a way of them trying to get other peoples attention. Also an act of terrorism can be related to a doomsday group. They can cause acts of terrorism such as bombings to try and gain more attention to them and get the word out that they will go to extremities to do what they believe in. They even would end up kidnapping people to try and get their message across.

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Peer Group

individuals of roughly the same age and interests.

The doomsday cult was a group of people who believed in Apocalypticism and Millenarianism. This is similar to a peer group because they were all interested in those two things. The cult was made up only of people who had interests in those and that relates this doomsday cult to a peer group.

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Play stage

stage during which children take on roles of others one at a time.

The parents of the children basically raise there kids to believe the things that this group of people believes in. Their kids will grow up believing all of this and when they are older they will end up being in one of these groups. The kids will think that all of this is right because it is what their parents have taught them.

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cultural process of learning to participate in group life. This connects with doomsday cult because the cult teaches people to participate in the group. The cult teaches members to socialize with each other.
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Hidden Curriculum

The hidden curriculum is to try and convince people that what they believed in is right. They would brainwash people and transform them into thinking that this is right. They were trying to persuade people to believe this or they would kidnap them and brainwash them into believing what the group believed in.
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Significant others

The significant others would be the general population. These people would want the general population to know them and be scared of them. They wanted the population to be scared of them and that made them feel good about themselves.
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