Responsible Caregiving

By: Megan Graham

Some Advice...

Be positive- Try and give directions/ instructions using a positive attitude.

Encourage- Encourage good behavior with treats, or something special, for example a cookie so they know to do it more.

Being honest- When the child's parents come home, be honest with them, if their child was bad, let them know that so they can punish him/her.

Role model- Children look up to older people, especially if you are a teen babysitting. They will follow the things that you do, act like you act, so make sure you are being a good role model for the child.

Planning Ahead- Before you get to the child's house plan activities, plan games, plan activities appropriate for the child's age.

Flexible- If the child you are babysitting wants to play house, go along with them. Just be easy with what they want to do, do more of what they want.

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Things You Should Know Beforehand

Know how to get in touch with the child's parents, incase something happens. Know where the medical supplies are and how to use them properly. For example if the child has a peanut allergy, he or she should have a Epipen, make sure you know how to use it correctly. Keep an eye on the kid, they can be very troublesome, keep medications out of reach. If you have to drive the kid somewhere, ask if you can use one of the parents vehicles since the car seat is already installed. And lastly know where the family keeps things like batteries. flashlights and fire extinguishers.
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Do's And Don'ts Of Babysitting


- Respond to their parents calls or texts

- Ask about the child's bedtime time and routine

- Play with the child

- Dress professionally

- Cover up your tattoos, hide piercings

- Follow the parents rules for the child, for example bedtime and what they eat

- Clean up a bit

- Tell parents everything that happened

- Be positive


- Show up late

- Bring friends

- Text the whole time

- Neglect the child

- Let anybody in the house without parents permission

- Let the kid get away with anything

- Leave kid alone

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Entertaining kids may be difficult but here are a few things that may be helpful.

- Crafts

- Fingerpainting

- Park

- Watch a movie

- Make cookies

- Watch TV shows

- Read a book

- Help them learn things like their ABC's and how to count

- Color

- Dance

- If it is a girl, paint nails, have a fun spa

- Play house

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