I had seen castles

"if everything's here i better go"

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I Had Seen Castles

by Cythinia Rylant located in Pennsylvania


The plot in the beginning is that John Dante a 17 year old boy wants to go to world war II yet can't because he needs to be 18. Before becoming the age limit, he falls off a bus which causes you to meet the next main character Ginny. He falls on Ginny and they start talking. She expresses her feeling about the war saying that it is stupid and they should stop. In the end, he comes back and finds out she moved.

Main Characters

The main characters in the novel is John and Ginny.

Supporting Characters

The supporting characters are John's father, John's mother and Tony. John's father is a scientist working on the atomic bomb, John's mother is a worker at a factory working on weapons, and Tony is a 18 year old that goes to war but dies which scares John.

Real Event / Key

There are no real characters in the story but all the events are real. The events are World War II and pearl harbor bombing

Paragraph of World War II

The second World War was the most deadliest war in history. The war was a terrible time for all people since everyone was affected. The U.S.A made many wartime threats and did terrible things. One of which was internment camps where they held all people that looked like Japanese even if they weren't. 30 countries were involved in the war and over 50 million civilian and military forces died in the war. It was started with Adolf Hitler when he got mad at what had happened to his country. Later, the U.S.A bombed Hiroshima and


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The bullets were like hornets, You never knew what they would do pg. 89 The Bullets and Hornets are compared


At this point the privates were bait trying to get the mortars to miss. Pg. 94 They are comparing the privates to bait.

Two more Figurative language

Symbolism -Ginny= John's salvation to the madness of war. Whole book.
Hyperbole- The mortars were everywhere you couldn't go almost anywhere. pg 87.


Mortar= a small shell launched that explode. The mortars flew through the air.
grotesque=monster, weird, ugly. The groteque monster ran at them.
Abnormal= not normal, weird. The abnormal man looked at them crazily.
Aeriel= an something that is coming from the air. They tried aerial bombardment.
Perish= something or someone died. The man perished in front of us.