McCall PTA Newsletter (Volume 3, Issue 1)

Welcome back from our PTA President!

Hello Colt Community!

As your PTA President again this year, I would like to welcome back returning students and families. I also want to extend a very heartfelt welcome to our new McCall families. To all of you, I look forward to making the upcoming 2016-2017 school year very productive and fun!

PTA is an organization that works for our children. We partner with our parents, teachers, staff and community on many levels to bring fun and educational programs, events, services and opportunities to our children to enrich their academic experience. “Every Child – One Voice” is the National PTA motto and the local PTA is one of the strongest voices in the in the educational process that directly supports our children and school.

An effective and successful PTA requires support and involvement of the parents of our students. Membership is vital and I encourage each of you to show your commitment by joining. Membership is open to parents, grandparents and outside family members as well. It has been said that the number one reason people do not join PTA is because no one asked. . .so, we are asking! Join us and help us make this the best year yet!

The second way to show your support is to participate in the numerous exciting events and programs that we have planned throughout the year. You may choose to be a committee chair, committee member or volunteer. Whatever level of participation you choose, your time and involvement will be greatly appreciated. By joining and volunteering in PTA, there is no better way to get connected. Know what is happening at McCall, meet other parents and teachers, build rapport and share ideas and experiences. By volunteering, you are putting your skills, hobbies and interest to work. There are endless possibilities in ways you can help. Please consider volunteering, it really does make a difference in the lives of all our children! Learn more about joining the PTA and volunteering at

Through our fundraising efforts last year, as well as support from families and our community, the McCall PTA was able to purchase 10 brand new iPads Air 2 with Apple Care and protective cases for the school, fund field trips as well as field day shirts for every student, school library and classroom library books, PE and fitness equipment and many other programs and materials for our students and teachers. You can visit our website at to see a full list of our 2015-2016 accomplishments.

Two very exciting projects the PTA is working on this upcoming year are the remodeling of our McCall Library and our McCall Garden. You can read more about both projects in this newsletter.

I invite you to stay informed of our upcoming events as well as what is happening at the school by visiting our website at or our Facebook page at And, I hope you will join us for our first PTA meeting of the school year on (weekday), September XX, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. in the McCall Elementary Library.

Here’s to a great 2016-2017! And, I look forward to seeing you in September!

Warm regards,

Kari Yeamans

McCall Elementary PTA President 2016-2017

McCall PTA Garden Project

The McCall PTA Garden Committee is excited to announce that we are just weeks away from completing the installation of a garden on the school campus! The garden will be located in the green space behind the school. It will be comprised of custom-built raised beds made of cedar, gravel walkways in between the beds and a picket fence that will enclose the entire space. This “living classroom” will enhance the educational experience for every McCall student by creating new opportunities for hands-on and interactive learning in every subject.

The installation work dates are set for September 9th and 10th. Please watch for the announcement and consider volunteering on that day with your student! This is a great opportunity for our kids to take part in a major project that will have a lasting impact on our school community for years to come.

This project would not be possible without the overwhelming generosity of several businesses. We would like to thank Lowes in East Plano for donating all building materials, designing and building custom raised beds, providing the tools to complete the installation and their amazing employees for committing to volunteer their time to the project. We would also like to thank The Whole Foods Whole Kids Foundation for their support of school gardens, for awarding our school with $2,000 in funding through their grant program and supporting our project locally through the Richardson City Line store. Plus, thanks to the fundraising efforts of our PTA, we are able to allocate an additional $2,000 in surplus funds to the garden to ensure future sustainability!

McCall PTA Learning Commons project

Thanks to our amazing PTA supporters we are excited to bring our PTA funded library renovation to McCall. Learning Commons is an environment where students will gather to learn, discover and invent. It brings STEM into our library and helps to evolve the creativity in our students.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Learning Commons?

What is a Learning Commons?

Many libraries are taking on a new name, The Learning Commons! This is happening to reinforce the idea that the library can be so much more than just a place to check out books. Think of the MakerSpace as being part of something bigger – The Learning Commons. It will have a new look and some of the space will be reconfigured to accommodate a busy MakerSpace that is alive, active, and bustling with creativity.

What is a MakerSpace?

A MakerSpace is a collaborative learning center that provides students with opportunities to design, experiment, build and invent. It’s a place where students can explore their interests, use new tools and materials, and develop creative projects. A MakerSpace is typically set up in an area of the school that already has an established purpose and is centrally located.

Why are we developing a MakerSpace at McCall?

We are committed to providing our students with opportunities to create and collaborate throughout the school day in an environment that invites risk-taking. Students will participate in work that will get them thinking, creating, problem-solving and experimenting with concepts they are interested in exploring.

Why have a MakerSpace in the library?

The library is the largest classroom in every school – yet, in schools across the nation, the library is the most under-utilized classroom! But, that is not the case at McCall. We have students who love to read and that will never change! McCall has one of the highest circulation rates per pupil in Plano ISD and Mrs. Pereira is committed to keeping our amazing book collection alive and growing. Our books will still be central to our library, but we will change in a couple of other ways that are directly connected to our goal of embracing 21st Century thinking.

Does PISD support this?

Yes! In fact, there are currently 26 schools in Plano ISD that either have, or are in the beginning stages of developing a MakerSpace. Most likely, no two MakerSpaces are alike, because they are developed with the unique needs of each school in mind. Each school leadership team created a proposal which was submitted to the district for approval. Once approved, initial start-up funds were determined. The district, along with McCall PTA, provided the funds necessary for McCall to take the first steps in getting the MakerSpace up and running.

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Kinder lunch room help needed

For the 2016-2017 school year McCall PTA have been asked to help find volunteers for our Kinder kids during lunch time. We need volunteers to help them stay focused during lunch, open lunch packages and get them in and out of the lunch room in a timely fashion.

  • Please sign Up Here : Kinder Lunch Volunteer
  • We need 3 parents everyday starting on August 29th, 2016, the 2nd week of school.
  • Our Kindergartners get 30 minutes for lunch from 11:40 am - 12:10 pm
  • All volunteers are required to complete PISD Volunteer Application online. Please do so BEFORE you come for lunch room help. Approval may take a few days, so please do it early.
  • Please arrive a few minutes before 11:40 am to have your volunteer badge printed from the office. Kinder kids arrive at the lunch room at 11:40 am.

What's Happening at McCall Elementary

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McCall Elementary 2016-2017 Spirit Gear

McCall Elementary PTA is now taking pre-orders for 2016-2017 spirit gear. Orders must be received at the school with payment by Friday, September 16, 2016. You can pick up an order form in the front office or order online at: .


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