Mrs. Grimmett's Class

Getting Carried Away in First Grade


PTO Spirit Night at Nothing Bundt Cakes on Sept. 24.

Sept. 25 is picture day! Students may wear dress code or BETTER!

Scholastic book orders are due on Sept. 26. I will place the order that night, so make sure you get it in!

Reading logs will be due Sept. 30. Make sure you have read for 21 days this month with your students!


The kids are currently working on writing their own books! I have seen some really awesome ideas and have been amazed at some of the experiences and interests of our kiddos! We have one that loves to write about sharks and other sea creatures because he wants to be a marine biologist. Another student is writing about the amazing vacations he has taken to other countries. I love reading their stories! It helps me get to know more about them!

In the near future (next week), we will discuss creating stories with interesting beginnings! We will use fairy tales and try to incorporate ideas from those stories into our own!


We are currently learning station expectations for first grade. As the students practice working independently, I am pulling them individually to test their skills! I am in the process of DRAs which is our assessment for reading levels. Once I finish these, I will set up our small groups and begin working with the groups at the levels they need.

Next week we will be working on text-to-text and text-to-self connections! How can we connect to the books we are reading? Do they remind us of something we have experienced? Do they remind us of other books we have read?

Keep reading with your kids at home and writing in their reading logs! You have know idea how much of a difference reading with your child on a daily basis can make. Even if you are reading to them, you are showing them an example of what reading should look like and sounds like. Don't be afraid to ask them questions about the books and discuss what you are reading!


I have finished our testing the kids on their phonemic awareness! We are continuing to work on beginning and ending SOUNDS. We are also working with syllables, blending, rhyming, deletion and substitution.


We are continuing our discussions on numbers. We have discussed many ways to represent numbers. We recently talked about place value and expanded notation. Also, we are working on comparing our numbers!

Work with your kids on writing their numbers the correct direction. I know this is something that kids struggle with (especially 3, 5, and 6).

Also, make sure that homework is completed and sent back the next day.


We are in the beginning stages of our Weather unit! The kids always love this unit. It seems that every year I have at least one student that knows more about hurricanes and tornadoes than I do! I encourage you to discuss the weather with your kids!

Most of our science work will be kept in our journals in class, so there will not be very much sent home through out the year for science.

Social Studies

We will be discussing the people who work in our school and their responsibilities. The students will play a matching game with pictures, names, and jobs!

We will also take a tour of the school and practice our mapping skills by creating our our maps!