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DCPS - End of Year Benchmark

EOY Benchmark Test

What: The Benchmark Tests deliver between two and nine sub-tests (depending on grade level and test performance). These tests provide a means of tracking performance over time. Results can be compared to Placement Test and previous Benchmark Test results. The Benchmark Tests take approximately 25 minutes to complete but can vary based on student level and performance.

Who and When: Benchmark Tests are enabled by default and can be delivered up to three times per year. The administration windows, to whom the test is available, and scheduling/timing information is provided below.

EOY Benchmark:

April 1–June 30

  • Available to all eligible students
  • Eligible student: At least 90 days have passed since a student completed the Placement Test or started the previous Benchmark Test
  • If a student is in an activity when the EOY Benchmark Test becomes available, the test will begin after that activity (assuming the activity is completed within the administration window).

Tips for Teachers

  • Monitor students, if possible, and encourage them to read each question carefully and do their best.
  • Review results on the Imagine Learning Portal. Select Group, then under Dashboard select Growth > Benchmark Test.

Benchmark Reports

Administrators and teachers can monitor benchmark scores and growth from the Imagine Language and Literacy Portal. If you need a refresher on our benchmark reports, please view the tutorial videos linked to your role in Imagine Learning.

Benchmark Report Tutorials

Administrator Tutorial (District or School Admins. Only)

Teacher Tutorial (Group and Individual Student Views)

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