Lumber River Basin

by Gabriel and logan

Lumber river basin is South central North Carolina.An 81 mile stretch.The population is 472,276 people.The river is murky and sometimes clear.The Waccamaw River flows from Lake Waccamaw, the most biologically diverse lake in North Carolina and one of the most species-rich lakes in the Western hemisphere. It has 52 fish species, 11 species of snails and 15 species of mussels and clams, many of them rare and endemic to the lake, meaning they have been found nowhere else on earth. The Waccamaw’s watershed also includes a large portion of the Green Swamp. In wet savannas of this swamp, scientists have recorded the highest density of small-scale plant diversity in North America — more than 40 species in a single square meter. Some of these intriguing plants include insect-eaters such as flytraps, pitcher plants and sundews, plus an array of orchids.The clean water action plan and concentration of mercury.This is the lower terminus of the upper section of the Lumber River, Natural and Scenic River.
This is a place where it will sometimes have murky water but sometimes will be semi clear.The Noth western tip of the basin includes part of the sandhill game land and its long leaf pine communities, another rare and reminiscing habitat.Some people fish the lumber river basin due to its wild population of fish species.


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North Carolina, United States


The South Central part of Norte Carolinia.