Buffalo Float Trip April 2016

Hello Friends and potential friends

There are 3 couples putting this together! Cheryl and Jim, Pat and Tony, and Jason and Kathy

Riverview Lodge experience for our best friends. Float the upper Buffalo river! Celebrating life!

The reason we are doing this so early in the year is because by Mid May the water is too low and no out fitters will take us up there. This will be a fantastic opportunity to see parts of the river that aren’t seen much; the locals say it’s the most amazing scenery. There could be some class 1 & 2 rapids but they will advise us on float day of river conditions.

Buffalo Float Trip April 2016 http://www.buffaloriver.com/

Friday, April 15th, 3pm to Sunday, April 17th, 12pm

1 main street Ponca, Arkansas


We have already reserved the entire lodge and paid so this isn’t a maybe, it’s going to happen. We spent $3400.00 plus tax for the weekend. The lodge has 8 rooms with 2 queen beds in each with a full bath. There are also 2 rooms with one king and each has their own bath. We have been there and think this place is fantastic, the facility is very nice and the view is incredible overlooking the valley. We plan to arrive Friday evening but you are on your own for a meal Friday. Saturday morning we’ll provide breakfast and then we are going to float the upper Buffalo River. We are asking that you bring something for lunch, like lunch meat & chips for the canoe trip. If by chance the river can’t be floated we can go do some zip lining (89.00 per person) that you can see from the lodge the inside the lodge common room is big enough for everyone. There is a hot tub, gazebo with fire pit, huge deck, and plenty of tables with comfy seating. There is a giant projector screen where we can show the personal movies you might want to bring. LOL

After the float trip we’ll all go back to the lodge and we’ll provide a nice meal. Although we will have some soda and coffee you should plan to bring your own personal beverages of your choice. There is a giant commercial refrigerator to store everyone’s drinks and a freezer to put bags of ice if you want to bring ice. After the meal Sat evening we can all enjoy each other’s company any way you feel fit.

Sunday morning we’ll provide a light breakfast and head home hopefully thinking about what a grand weekend it was.

Extra notes of importance……..

Rooms are 400.00 for the weekend, share a room with another friendly couple and that is 200.00 per cpl plus the canoe rental. We are collecting for the lodge and each cpl will pay about 65.00 for the canoe rental directly to the outfitter, we’ll take care of making sure an outfitter can accommodate our group.

So budget 300.00 for the entire weekend if you want to canoe, as long as you are comfy sharing a room with another couple. If you want a room to yourself budget 500.00 for the weekend if you want to canoe. You are encouraged to suggest to us a cpl you would like to room with. Right now we are open to suggestions.

We are being picky with who we invite, we want this to be a memorable weekend with only fun times for everyone. If you can’t behave you’re going off the bluff, the coyotes need to eat too. LOL

You can take a look at the facilities by checking out Buffalo Outdoor Center, (buffaloriver.com) also called BOC and our building is named Riverwind Lodge. We will make sure you get a map of the exact location but it’s just outside Ponca AR. There are no pets allowed and smoking is only allowed outdoors. If you want to attend but not canoe that’s fine too, just relax or do some hiking on nearby trails. They have rafts but told us it takes 3 good paddlers to safely maneuver a 6 person raft.

Bring your own beverages

BOC suggests a wet suit if you have one, they do rent them too.

Bring a fun attitude for the weekend and lets all have some fun !!

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