TJ Elder FFA Fall Plant Sale

Join us September 26-October 10

Plant Sale Hours

The greenhouse will be open from 3:30-5:30 the week of September 26-30 and October 3-7, along with October 10. We will also be at the farmers market September 24.

Get all of your Fall planting needs from us.

Whether you are wanting vegetables for you garden or something to bring some color to your yard we have something for you. We will have the following plants for sale three varieties of pansy's, two varieties of Salvia, Vinca Minor, Cabbage, and Collards. We may also have some hanging baskets of pansy's and vinca minor depending upon the availability of pots.

Plants for Sale

Get your garden and decorating needs from us.

The plant sale will be from 3:30-5:30 September 26-October 10 in the greenhouse behind TJ Elder. You can see some plants pictured below. Some plants due to later planting dates will be flowering in mid October.

Recycle your pots

If you have any pots that you are looking to get rid you can bring them during the plant sale.

Collardss- $1 each or six plants for $5

Cabbage- $1 each or six plants for $5

Pansy- $1 each or six plants for $5

Salvia-$1 each or six plants for $5

Hanging Baskets- $7

Spring Plants

We will also have on display our ferns, blackberries and blueberries which we will be selling in the spring.