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Term 3 Student-Produced Newsletter

Editor: Erin Lau

Timber Ridge Elementary School

Timber Ridge Elementary fosters a collaboration of personalized learning, achievement, and success for each student.

What Does Dr. Consolie Have to Say? by Erin Lau

What does Dr. Consolie have to say? Well, she has quite a lot for parents to know. First, that spring break is coming up in a few weeks. Then right after that, Milestones testing! Also, she wants parents to know to NOT make calls or appointments during school time when testing is going on. It needs to be at the end of the day. And also, if parents need to talk to teachers or students about something, they need to make a call or just wait until the end of the day. And she also just wants us all to enjoy the nice weather and that she thinks that it will be an awesome rest of the year.

Bomb.com Beta by Kate P and Erin L

Earlier, we interviewed Mr. Peters, Kyle Lynch, and Ethan Belflower about Beta Club. They gave us some outstanding and amazing answers to our questions.

First, we interviewed Mr. Peters. He said that the club just finished doing a Teacher Appreciation project. In January, the Beta Club performed a Beta Induction. That is when the students in the club get their certificates and pins to go on their clothing. Mr. Peters also informed us that the students that are chosen for Beta Club are based on their grades and are recommended by their teachers.

Next, we interviewed Kyle. He said that he was made president because of his amazing and inspiring speech that he gave earlier in the year. "I thought I could make them happier and encourage them to strive forward." All he did was look at the things that he was good at and needed to have in order to become a leader, and put those things in his speech.

Finally, we interviewed Ethan, the Vice President of Beta Club. He said that the last thing he did for Beta was speak at the Beta Induction. "I thought of all of the things that I had that would make me seem like a good, experienced leader, and I put those things in my speech."

If you are interested in joining Beta Club in fifth grade, make sure to keep your grades up and behave like a star student.

Super Spectacular Spellers by Luke Greer and Owen McCarthy

Earlier this week, we interviewed Johnny McCarthy, Kelechi Nwaozuzu, and Mr. Peters. As you can see, these kids were in the spelling bee, and Mr. peters was a judge. He decided to be a judge four years ago. The county spelling bee is at the PAC. (Performing Arts Center) Next we interviewed Johnny McCarthy. He and his dad studied together. They went through all of the words and the ones he got wrong his dad and him went over again. He got out on the word ‘whiff.’ The competition became very tight in the ending with Kelechi Nwaozuzu and Erin Lau. Next we interviewed the over-all winner, Kelechi Nwaozuzu. He felt very relieved when he won. He thanked his mom because she inspired him to go forward. The winning word of the spelling bee was ‘collude.’ We look forward to next year’s spelling bee competition!

Fantastic Food Frenzy by Sidny Canon, Peyton Mitchell, and Kaylynn Stokes

This school year we gave 395 pounds of food to the Food Pantry. For those of you who do not know what the Food Pantry is, it is when people give canned food to homeless people so that they have something to eat. Mrs. Katie recently got a letter from Wanda Williams saying: "Once again, we see that you brought forth colossal results." Yes, we gave 395 pounds of food this year, but last year, we gave 17,000 pounds of food, Wow, that's a lot of food! For those of you who have donated, thank you for all that you have done.

Flower Madness by Reagan Earls

Flutter, flutter! Mrs. Katie's got new seeds for the school's butterfly garden. Mrs. Katie started gardening when she was only two years old! She loved gardening ever since. It's like she has gardening in her blood.

She got the seeds in January. She bought them from a man named Jeff Mounce. When she got the seeds, she was happy and eager to plant them. The bag was filled with different kinds of seeds, but they were mixed. The seeds include Bluebell, Wallflower, Daisy, and Virginia.

Mrs. Katie would like to tell you that she would love more donations and gardening tools. She would also love to have stuff that will make the garden better. She will use all of the materials that you give her, especially since gardening season is just around the corner. Literally! Thank you, and remember to donate!

Awesome I.F Classes By Owen McCarthy and Luke Greer

Every morning, all of the students in the entire students in the entire school go to an I.F class. The I.F classes we interviewed were Mrs. Konken, Mr. LaSalata, and Mrs. Burge.

First, we interviewed Mrs. Konken's I.F. We talked to Daniel, a kid who goes to her I.F. "I'm very curious about robotics, and I use a battery, a motor, and a baloon." It sounds like he enjoys the robotics I.F class! What they do in robotics is obviously build robots and then complete missions such as putting paper balls in trash cans and making the robots lift things up.

Next, we interviewed Mr. LaSalata's I.F. First, we talked to Micah for a bit. "I came to this I.F because Mr. LaSalata is one of my favorite teachers." In his I.F, they use special cooking materials such as pots, pans, and cooking ingredients. One of the other reasons he came to this I.F is because he loves to cook. He said cooking with Mr. LaSalata is really fun!

The last I.F we interviewed was Mrs. Burge's I.F. We talked to Mattox first. He said, "I love engineering and building things. I want to build things when I grow up. That's why I chose this I.F class." The class is about engineering, obviously. Some materials they use are yardsticks, paper, glue, and other things. They design buildings!

I think those sound like really cool I.F classes to look forward to going to, depending on what you love to do. The REALLY cool thing about it is that if you don't have anything that your teachers are really worried about you on, then you get to choose which one you go to! I.F classes switch up every nine weeks, and the students can either stay in the same I.F, or find another one to go to. There ar many more fun I.F classes to go to, such as the journalism and technology I.F with Mrs. Brewton. They at the ones who make the school Newsletter and Special Editions. Thank you for checking out this story!