Ms. Price's Class Newsletter

September 15, 2014

iStation Home Access

iStation logins were stapled into your child's Planner on Friday. They may logon to iStation and use it at home as frequently as you/they would like. For students who are struggling with reading it would be ideal for them to use this program daily for 30 minutes.
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College Week: Sept. 15-19

College = BIG Life

Better jobs

Increased salaries

Greater opportunities

Monday: “We’re Getting a Running Start on College”

Wear tennis shoes and a Super Hero shirt.

Tuesday: “Our Future is Bright”

Wear sunglasses/bright colors.

Wednesday: “Our Heads are Set for Higher Education”

Wear a crazy headband.

Thursday: “We are Dreaming about College.”

Wear slippers. Bring tennis shoes for gym.

Friday: “We are College Bound!”

Wear your favorite college shirt.

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What We Will Learn This Week

Language Arts

Genre focus: expository texts

Comprehension Focus: connections between graphic/visual sources, text features and the text itself; main idea and details; text structure

Vocabulary Focus: building vocabulary from word roots

Amazing Words: (understand the word meaning - not spelling)

earthquake, volcano, eruptions, geyser, wildlife, wildflowers, magma, elk, lava, sequoia

Writing: expository paragraph

Written Conventions Focus: run-on and rambling sentences


Concepts: subtracting whole numbers, subtracting across zeros, modeling addition and subtraction of decimals, adding and subtracting decimals

Social Studies

Patriotism: How are important American documents significant to our national identity? Why are our rights and freedoms important to us today?

Class DOJO begins this week!

I sent an email invitation for you to join Class DOJO and have access to your child's account - if I had a good email for you. Otherwise look for a parent letter that will have a code for you to access your child's account. You can sign up to receive weekly reports. This code is not the same as the code your student will earn and receive at a later time so that they can change their avatar.
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Cookie Dough Fundraiser!

We will kick-off our Cookie Dough Fundraiser on Monday, September 15th. Look for information we are sending home. This fundraiser will end September 30th.

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Date Reminders

September 15-19

Fall College Week

Monday, September 15

Cookie Dough Fundraiser Begins

Monday, September 29

Teacher Staff Day / No School

Monday, September 30

Cookie Dough Fundraiser Ends

October 7th or 8th (to be determined by transportation)

Symphony Field Trip (students only)

Mid November

Perot Museum Field Trip (parents welcome)

more info to come

BJ Smith Friday Night Live!

Friday Nights

(during the school year)

* 7:00 - 10:30pm

* $10 Admission

*1st-6th Grades

Visit us on Facebook form more information!