By Kiara and Seth

What is Federation?

  • . Federation was when there were six colonies wanted to become a nation.
  • . On 1st of January Australia became a nation.
  • . The six colonies were New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western
  • Australia and Tasmania
  • . When Australia was not a nation it was becoming a big problem.
  • . Before federation colonies had different leaders and laws.

Why did Federation happen?

  • . 66 228 people declined the 1898 refurendum in New South Wales.
  • . Federation happend because it was becoming a problem that the colonies had different laws and governments.
  • . The colonies built different guages which was hard.
  • . Henry parkes made a speech about federation and it made people think about becoming a nation.

Who was involved in the Federation process?

  • . Henry Parkes helped orginise the federation process.
  • . The British Parliament allowed the six colonies to establish.
  • . Edmund Barton became the first prime minister.
  • . The main important people that helped the federation process were Edmund Barton, Alfred Deakin, Sir Samuel Griffith, Sir John Quick and Sir George Reid.

How did Federation change Australia?

  • . The railways were all different in seperate colonies so it was becoming a problem.
  • . The gold rushes brought thousands of immigrants to the colonies.
  • . It was Henry Parkes idea to become a nation.
  • . All the colonies had different railway gauges.

Why is it considered to be such an important event?

  • . The people accepted the Redrafted constitution,with the British approval.
  • . The federal government would have power over defence, postal services, immigration and foreign affairs.
  • . The states would retain many powers.
  • . The question was where would the money come from to finance federal government.


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