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Attribution is the statement of the copyright holder's identity, usually written as Copyright (copyright symbol) [year][Copyright holder's name]. Attribution is usually considered one of the most basic of the requirements made by a license.

Creative Commons License (CC)

This is one form of a copyright license that allows the free distribution of a copyrighted work. This type of license is usually used when the author wants his or her work to be worked upon or modified.

Public Domain (PD)

Works in this domain are property rights that have expired, forfeited, or inapplicable.

Copyright (C)

Copyright is a right given to the creator of an original work that protects it from being copied or stolen for someone else's own gain.

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Fair Use

Fair Use in an exception to the copyright in the way that people can temporarily use the copyrighted material.

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is the way a person should act in society online through whatever means; and also means the ability to participate online.

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How do you know if an image is copyrighted?

There are a few easy ways to know if an image is copyrighted or not.


-copyright symbols

-indication of a source

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