Coyote Chronicle

December 2019 Edition

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Leader of the Pack

Mullica Township Middle School PBIS recognizes the “LEADERS of the PACK” for

December 2019.

This month the character trait exemplified by these students was EMPATHY.

Join us in celebrating:

4th Grade

Wyatt Troller

5th Grade

Sincere Wilcox, Travis Daly, Mina Taylor, Jayden Higbee, Jack Rivera

6th Grade

Danica Sweeney, Mikaela Sears, Alyssa Beatty, Rylee Cohen

7th Grade

Santos Castaneda, Shantiel Morales, Jessica Lopez, Frankie Franzosi, Angelena Buonsante

8th Grade

Kylie Amelung, Matthew Goodrich, Lita Vaughn, Jacob Tkatch

First Ever Feast of Friends

All Coyotes, large and small, came together to enjoy a special snack in our hallways. Each middle school grade was paired with an elementary grade to discuss our trait of the month, empathy. A great time was had by everyone!

Great job PBIS team!

-Mrs. Lynn

Boys Basketball Has A Very Special Guest

On Thursday 12/19 the Mullica Boys Basketball team had a surprise guest during practice. From “across the pond” a professional player was able to join us. Rick Fetske, who plays professionally in England was home for the holidays visiting with family and friends. Rick gave some pointers to the Mullica team right before the upcoming games. Thanks Rick and Officer Fetske!

-Mr. Smith

Conaway's Coyotes

Miss Conaway's students enjoyed using various annotation strategies while tackling a challenging text and learning about Native American regional groups.

-Miss Conaway

7th Grade - Cells

7th Graders have been studying about microscopes, cells and their parts and the Cell Theory. The students were able to use microscopes to look at samples of animal and plant cells along with microorganisms that are found in pond water.

-Mrs. Bartling

Peer Review

In 7th grade, students are writing an explanatory essay requiring them to analyze various fiction and nonfiction stories in order to respond to the prompt "what drives us to undertake a mission?" Students completed a peer review in order to help one another revise and edit their essays.

-Miss Donio

Pax Romana

In 7th grade, students are learning about Ancient Rome. This month students learned about the Pax Romana, a 200-year-long period of peace and stability in Roman history. Students worked in groups to study a specific achievement or topic within the time period. Then, each team created a slideshow to share with the rest of the class.

-Miss Donio

Chess Club

During exploratory on Friday, students and Mrs. Magalong enjoyed playing chess together!

-Mrs. Magalong

Landfill Project

The 8th graders spent the last week researching, creating a spec sheet, determining proper substitute materials, and building a model to test. This was all to learn about the importance of landfills around our country and the rest of the world. So, if you are curious to learn about landfills...just ask an 8th grader!

-Mr. Driscoll

Book Clubs!

After reading Wonder as a class, we read "Julian's Chapter". This read aloud provided a new point of view about bullying. The new chapter focuses on a story told by Julian's grandmother to help understand why bullying is wrong. It is a story that took place during the Holocaust. After learning about the empathy shown by one character in the story, Julian is able to understand the importance of his grandmother's lesson.

"If we don't examine the past, we don't learn from it."

(Taken from Julian's Chapter, pg. 68)

Our Holocaust book clubs gave the students a chance to learn about this period of history and understand how hatred can grow into evil. They were able to feel empathy for the characters in their novel, as well as all of those who suffered during the Holocaust.

-Mrs. Manzer

Fraction Fun!

Students are exploring fractions hands on! They were given a list of fractions to model using various colors of Pop Cubes. What a great way to start our Fraction Unit! "Learning" and "Laughter"was our goal of the day!

-Ms. Pino

All About Corn: Presented by Dr. Naylor

After learning about the importance of corn to the Native Americans, we were excited to have a special guest speaker. Dr. Naylor put together a hands-on presentation to teach the class about the different types of corn. Students examined a corn husk to see the varieties of dent and flint corn. We were able to touch and taste corn meal, corn syrup, and hominy. We even learned facts about the various uses of corn in products that are not food, like plastic bottles. Another surprise for the class, Penny, the chicken, made her appearance. At the end of the presentation, we were able to taste corn muffins made by our classmate Matthew!

Fun fact: An ear of corn has an average of 800 kernels with an equal number of silk strands!

-Mrs. Manzer and Mrs. Massaro

Winter Band Concert

December 11th and 12th were busy days for the Mullica band program. We had an assembly for Primary students on Wednesday and both an assembly for Seniors and an evening performance on Thursday. All the students did a wonderful job and a good time was had by all.

-Mrs. Bridge

Coyote Chorus Performs Their Winter Concert

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The Coyote Chorus, along with the 3rd grade students, performed their winter concert on December 5th to a packed house. They also performed for the community senior citizens on December 12th. Students celebrated with a pizza party for all their hard work. Great job!

-Miss Ocheske

Big and Little Coyotes Team Up

Middle school PE students often volunteer to help with the Mullica’s youngest students, thus fine tuning their nurturing skills.

-Mr. Newhall and Mr. Fackler

Going for the Goal!!

Our 7th graders in Fin. Lit are learning about setting goals and they had to plan out an engineering goal and build a tower with toothpicks and marshmallows.

-Mr. Curll

Popcorn Party!

Seventh grade students recently finished reading The Hobbit! Ms. Donio's classes combined with Mrs.Magalong and Mrs. Sheldon's classes in the library to watch the final movie. Students were rewarded with a popcorn party for achieving two trophies on Exact Path! Students enjoyed snacking on freshly popped popcorn and some tasty toppings while they compared the novel to the movie!

-Miss Donio, Mrs. Magalong, & Mrs. Sheldon

Growing Greens

Eight students in Ms. Pino’s Class selected growing with Mr. and Mrs. Polk as their reward for winning the Red Ribbon Participation Competition. Ms. Tomasello’s Exploratory Class learned how to set up and maintain the Tower Garden. They complete a weekly chart that documents adding water and nutrients. They also keep the pH level between 5.5 and 7.

-Mrs. Polk

Who Dunnit?

Students used their math abilities to solve a Who Dunnit? mystery. Students were working with a partner, practicing math skills and solving clues to discover who, when and where the “accident” happened!

-Mrs. Coughlin

When it snows outside!

When it snows outside, we make snowflakes in our classroom. Students used coordinates and symmetry skills to make snowflakes on a coordinate plane. They colored their snowflakes to make our classroom look like a winter wonderland.

-Mrs. Coughlin and Mrs. Holte

Peer Assessment

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To accurately assess one another's essays, students used allows the students to submit their essay into an online program where they can assess one another's work anonymously. The teacher, being the administrator, can see the submissions and feedback of all students. The students worked off of a rubric that I created in order to guide them when looking for specific aspects of the essay. This program allows for a much more authentic and critical analysis of the essays written by the students.

-Mr. Petetti

"I Have It" activity to understand the order of operations.

In sixth grade math we have been working hard to master the order of operations. We turned to the "I Have It" activity to create a laid back, collaborative atmosphere. Students partnered up and cut and matched solutions to expressions during our class period.

-Mr. Richards

Waffles with McLaughlin

Mr. McLaughlin's 6th grade homeroom enjoyed the annual Holiday waffle breakfast.

-Mr. McLaughlin

Parent and Educator Resources

The New Year is often a time to reflect on our joys as well as our challenges. Parenting being one such joy that can also be one of our greatest challenges. As we navigate some of the joys and challenges of parenting, we may be left with many unanswered questions and a generous amount of concerns. The Child Mind Institute is an independent, national nonprofit devoted to advancing the science of the developing brain. The Child Mind Institute’s website is filled with research and resources for families and educators to help children succeed in school and in life. If you have any questions or concerns about your child or student, the Child Mind Institute can be a starting point to explore ways to understand your child’s behavior as well as offer practical guides to direct you to some answers.

-Mr. Maher

Middle School Yearbooks

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This school year will live forever in the pages of the yearbook. Help your student remember friends, classes, fun and more by purchasing a 2020 yearbook today! Middle School Yearbooks can be purchased using the following link:

-Miss. Conaway

8th Grade Yearbook Recognition Ads

Attention all proud 8th grade parents! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create a custom ad for your 8th grader’s yearbook! Be sure to celebrate your 8th grader's journey with a yearbook ad. Yearbook ads are a great way to celebrate your child’s success and reflect on the person he or she has become. Last day to purchase and create an ad is 01/13/2020. Please use the following link to create a recognition ad for your 8th grader:

-Miss. Conaway

Mark Your Calendar


  • January 2 - PTA Designer Bag Bingo Ticket Sale Begins
  • January 2 - Board of Education Meeting - Reorganization Meeting - 7:00 pm
  • January 6 - ACES Cycle 2 - Begins
  • January 8 - PTA Meeting - Library - 7:00 pm
  • January 10 - PTA Family Movie Night - Toy Story 4 - Cafeteria - Doors Open 5:30 pm
  • January 16 - Administrative Detention - 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm
  • January 20 - School Closed - Martin Luther King Day
  • January 22 - Board of Education Meeting - 7:00 pm
  • January 28 - Progress Report Check - Interim 2
  • January 31 - 8th Grade Orientation @ CCHS - 9:00 am - 12:00 pm - Tentative
  • February 7 - Middle School Dance (Tentative)
  • February 13 - Administrative Detention - 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm
  • February 14 - Early Dismissal - Staff In Service
  • February 17 - School Closed - Presidents Day
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  • February 19 - Middle School Class Pictures / Club & Sports
  • February 21 - MTEA Presents: Staff Lip Sync Battle
  • February 26 - Board of Education Meeting - 7:00 pm