Real World Application

Where to use the skills gained in computer tech class

1. Lost Dog

Maybe one of the most obvious yet useful applications gained from a computer tech class would be learning how to create flyers, posters, or presentations electronically. These could come in handy if you need to post flyers about your lost dog, as the more attractive and noticeable a flyer is, the likelier it will be noticed. These skills could mean being reunited with your lost friend.

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2. Lemonade Stand Revenue

Say you are running a lemonade stand and you want an easy way to find out the profit you will make. A very easy way to do this would be to make a spreadsheet that will tell you your profit based upon your sales and supplies bought. The skills learned in a computer tech class could make your life easier in many ways!

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3. Presentations for Classes

The abilities you've acquired from a computer tech class could help you create a great looking presentation. This mean the difference between a 100% and a 90% if your presentation flows well and is easy to understand.

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