Philip II of Spain

Facts and key dates

  • born May 21, 1527
  • died September 13, 1598
  • king of Naples for a while
  • also known for being duke of Milan
  • supported and enacted Spanish inquisition
  • ruled Spain 1556-1598
  • born from Hapsburg family
  • married four times

Spanish Armada

The Spanish armada was supposed to be an attack on queen Elizabeth but turned out to be a very expensive disaster. there were a bunch of reasons that the Spanish wanted to over throw the queen the biggest reason was queen Elizabeth was helping the protestants hide/stay away from the inquisitions

3 achievements by Philip II

  1. Philip II conquered Portugal in 1580; Spain maintained Iberian unity from 1580 to 1640
  2. an absolute monarch that everyone loved and till this day is one of the most liked kings that ever ruled Spain '' the prudent king''
  3. joined the holy league

Governing style

Philip II was a notorious man when he stepped into the small little office that he worked in he would write laws everyday. They would always be put into the country and no one would deny it because they all love Philip II. Philip II was trying to always make his country better than others and more dangerous in my opinion. there was a couple of policies that went into play one of them being the consent to commit murder. Another being that he wanted everyone to convert to Christianity.