The Haunting Of Sunshine Girl

A Novel

Summary about this book

A girl named Sunshine who just turned 16 moved from Austin, Texas to Ridgemont, Washington. She doesn't really like it and she thinks her new house is creepy. In the new house she hears foot steps and a little girl talking. Sunshine is sometimes up all night and so when she goes to school she is ready to just fall asleep. Things such as : A book and her glass unicorns are also being moved by ghost's while her and her mom are gone. Her mom works all day and Sunshine has to go to school so that's when the ghost moves those items. Do you wonder who the ghost is...? Read the amazing and suspenseful story to find out!!

What's powerful about this book

What's powerful about the book is the way the author describes her new house. The author states that Sunshine's new house is creepy! She also states that "the drive way is long and narrow, with tall bushes on both sides so I can't see our neighbors' front yard. I prefer creeptastic" Moms answers with a smile.