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FSEB changes human rights laws for the better

The FSEB, the science law politicians, are changing their thoughts on their position on the subject of human rights. As we know, Jenna Fox, the supposed founder of the exception of the 49% law, now works for Fox Biosystems. She was the one who stated this law around 2 years ago. The FSEB didn't pay attention to the law then, because of the 2nd Heartland War, the war taking place because of the Bio-Gel that was being used more. After the 2nd Heartland War, Bio-Gel spread to the world, making Fox Biosystems on of the richest companies of all. The Open Law, as it was called, made people less frequent to die. The law states that all people can be driven to be replaced to 90%, but only if it is a life threatening accident. Fox Biosystems outreaches steadily agreed to let the law pass, as long as the Bio-Gel v2 did not malfunction and be a cause of malnutrition. Fox Biosystems is now trying to create a new type of Bio-Gel, to be named the "Butterfly", which increases flexibility, strength, and other things, but to only be used on near death situations. Also, the new type will have a new genetic code, to allow cuts and other minor injuries to heal. Flow, the new imitation for blood, will harden to prevent loss and wearing of Bio-Gel. We can hope on having new kinds of Bio-Gel coming soon, and many people agree with that. Some do not, though. Human Rights Activist Dane was a changed man after the events of the 2nd Heartland War. He was saved by Bio-Gel when he was hit by a car. The 2nd Heartland War changed him. As he was fighting in the East Emissary District, a deadly explosion happened. Because of this, Dane lost some of his Bio-Gel, resulting in a discovery. Bio-Gel does not reproduce if there are no skin cells. The FSEB did not help him, which resulted in him switching sides to the Human Right activists. He says, "I remember the day that I was shocked by the bomb. I didn't feel any pain, but what I felt afterwards was worse". John Derrick, the head of the activists, went through this same trouble while trying to help his sister get Bio-Gel.

In a report by the California Gazette, only 2% of people who are treated with Bio-Gel die, which means Bio-Gel is almost completely successful. The California Gazette asked on two very special people to give them their side on this argument. Aditya R., the prestiged writer, was asked to give his side. "I agree with Bio-Gel. People should enjoy their lives fully and with every luxury of theirs that they deserve. They should be able to see, speak, write, play, and do everything that a normal human can do" stated Aditya. Kara, a reanimated person (which we have more info on in the article Bio Systems Explained), agrees with this.

Humans have identities, and that is the main argument made by the Human Rights Activists. Reanimated humans and Bio-Gel humans do have identities. They are seperate and distinct from each other and have different thoughts on different subjects. Identity can't be made, but it can be born and transferred. Aditya R. gives us our scoop on this subject now.

As we stated before identity is seperate and distinct. It cannot be changed, as it always is the same. We have stayed like this even before the 1st Heartland War, when identity was literally defined by politicians. It is time for that change to come. We are seperate, distinct, and our own.

This law will be passed to Congress this year. FSEB and other government branchoffs have approved it, which means that this will only have to be finalized and cannot be vetoed by the Congress.

Bio Systems explained

Biosystems are known to consist of two words, Bio-Life and Systems-a schedule, in simple. Bio Systems are life systems, used to help the dying or weakened heal or survive.

Bio-Gel, made by Fox Biosystems, is used to heal and regenerate tissue, skin and organ tissue, to be exact. The whole basis is run on reproducing skin cells, artificially made using the users skin and a reproducing absorbing skin cell. As the current tissue is analyzed by the new type of skin, brain signals are transmitted, making the brain work faster and making the current tissue spread faster. The only mortality chance that the Bio-Gel lets through is no skin, from and explosion, or polluted skin, from acid. This will be fixed because of the new DNA skin cells, which use DNA to reproduce, resulting in a more accurate representation of yourself. Skin cells are also used, but don't need to be. These new forms of Bio-Gel, such as Butterfly, are told to have strengthening cells and enzymes in them to make the user recuperate and grow faster after the initial procedure. Also, the new types of Bio-Gel can be updated, which means they have computer chips and neuron chips, which update the brain with everything that needs to be known, if needed. Fox Biosystems is also now making artificial eyes and other implants to help, which Butterfly is greatly improve. The computer and other software needed to update and "see" is made by Samsung, the world's technology depot.

Samsung, working together with Fox Biosystems, will create the first humans, using Kara, a human who was killed in the same accident as Jenna Fox and another being, Locke, who was alos killed in that type of accident.

Currently, to see who has died, Fox Biosystems has created a mind port to add to the human mind, in case memory was lost or something else happened. Samsung created the Animation Outcast, a device where you can see these people and interact with them. These identities are the same thing you knew, so you will still be able to converse and they will be able to learn. When humans are able to be created, we will see if these human imaginations and identities can be moved into bodies.

Integration has also been possible, thanks to computer companies and computer storage companies. It is possible to give thoughts, such as learning and knowledge, but not to take away or change, thanks to the Mindspace Law. This will allow us to transmit one thought, which will access million's of thoughts.

Physical attributes can also be slightly changed using Add-on's. They can create bone's and skeleton structures. With the new release of Butterfly coming out late this year, bones and muscles will grow at optimal rates, and can be changed. Food intake will also change. Bio-Gel Digestive tracts will be functioned. Nutrients and taste from food can be processed by microchips connecting from the brain to muscle and tissue in the body. Nutrients will be used to give Bio-Gel energy, which means it can support better.

DNA will be used to make height equivalent to what it's supposed to be. Diseases cannot be caught, but Bio-Gel can react to things, such as hot water or acid. Water doesn't harm Bio-Gel and Butterfly will be able to make you adapt to water slightly better.

Army also does have it's benefits. Eyes can be equipped with night vision and with zoom. Butterfly can give added strength, flexibility, dexterity, agility, swimming skill, anti-shock, and other things.

Bio-Gel has a non harmful way to fix your body because of the reproducing skin cells. Little to no pain will be felt when organs are inserted and removed. Bio-Gel can also be used on animals, for the better. Legs can be amputated, diseases gone away and other things.

Bio-Gel is only used in dire circumstance, but if society needs it, we might all have to have Bio-Gel.

Interview with Jenna Fox

CG- We are interviewing Mrs. Jenna Fox, the current CEO of Fox Biosystems. It's nice to meet you Mrs. Fox.
JF- It's nice to meet you too.
CG- We're here to ask you a few questions about your life.
JF- That's alright. Keep going.
CG- Well, how did you feel when you woke up after the accident. Can you remember?
JF- Of course I do. Well, lets see. I felt unlike myself. I didn't remember much, except some words that came out of nowhere.
CG- Interesting. Let's move on, shall we.
JF- Sure.
CG- How have you felt, being nearly immortal?
JF- Curious. I'm curious. Trying to see what's going to happen.
CG-Um, okay, let's move on.
JF- Alright.
CG- Would you like to get your old life back?
JF- Probably. I would like to experience a humanoid experience again. I don't remember it, because I haven't been one for a while.
CG- That's true. How would you feel if you could remember everything that happened before the accident?
JF- I would want to. The only thing I remember from then is whatever I watched on the video. Curious.
CG- Curious. Why do you keep repeating that term?
JF- Identity. It is my identity. Curiosity.
CG- Alright. How would you feel if Kara and Locke were alive right now?
JF- Excited. Seeing my friends again would be nice.
CG- Mr. Bender, your friend, knew your secret. How would you have reacted if he told people?
JF- I don't think I would care back then. I was pretty mad at my parents when they made me into Bio-Gel.
CG- Are you happy that you are Bio-Gel?
JF- Sort of and sort of not. My friends are all gone, except Alyss. It's okay now, I guess. It's hard to remember what it was like before this. Bio-Gel saved my life. I don't know whether I should be happy or not.

CG- If you were to go back to that time, would you have erased the accident from history?

JF- I would have probably gone back and done it. I wouldn't be alive now, talking to you, but I would have saved two lives.

CG- Were coming to the end of our time here. To end it of, would you have been okay if you're parents "cut you off"

JF- First of all, if my parents cut me off, I wouldn't be here. Also, I also wouldn't know. If I was to experience it, I would say the phrase "Curiosity Killed the Cat".

CG- I could agree. We had a nice talk with you. We hope to see you again.

Next week on InterView, we will be interviewing Alyss, the second Bio-Gel human to be pushed more than 49%.

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Local News and Weather

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Weather Forecast

Weather has been forecasted for today as Rainy Day.

Tomorrow it will also be Rainy Day.

Rain coming from the east today night. Light thunderstorms also headed this direction. Best to stay indoors, slight chance of mist rain. High's in the 70's. Best to stay on ground. 20% chance of Fresh Rain.

Tomorrow morning, Cold front moving in. Sunny. Perfect day. High's in the 60's.
Getting cold. Best to stay inside after 5pm.

Written by Auto-Weather

Remember Kara

Kara, a dear friend of Jenna Fox, who died in the car accident. Unluckily for her, she wasn't cased with Bio-Gel, resulting in her death. Locke, another friend of both, was also killed in the accident.
We hope to remember Kara, and we hope to remember that she was one of the ones that made Bio-Gel possible. She wore a red skirt, which Jenna now has.
That is our obituary to the one and only Kara.
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Interview with Mr. Ethan Fox-Talking with the Reimagined

CG-Hello Mr. Ethan, how are you doing today?

EF-I am fine, how are you

CG-Pleasure to meet you. I was here to ask you some questions.

EF-What would you like to know?

CG-You are the husband of Jenna fox, right?


CG-How did you feel when you met her in the reimagined state?

EF-It was nice to talk to her again. I could remember everything that happened before. Her system works better than my own memory.

CG-You can say that again.

CG-You've realized that you are living your life right now at a young age

EF-I have. It feels better like this. I remember everything like it happened yesterday.

CG-So here on Talking with the Reimagined, we try to picture what happens in your memories. What do you see in there when you're no conversing?

EF-I live all my memories. It's nice to experience the old days.

CG-Well, we'll talk to you later, and luckily, we might be able to talk to you in person

EF-What do you mean by that?

CG-Fox Biosystems is now creating human bodies. We still have your DNA, so we can create you

EF-I see. Nice speaking with you. I hope to meet you in person next time.

CG-You too

As we see there, we had our conversation with Ethan Fox, the wife of Jenna Fox, and the old owner of Fox Biosystems. We hope to see him and ask him in person how it felt like to be in there.

Tune in next week for Mr. Darnsby, a World War 3 veteran who existed around a 100 years ago.

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