To the Ends of the Earth...

Flory Update Fall 2015

To the Ends of the Earth...and Back again!

Dear SCC Missions Team!

Sending you early Christmas greetings as you worship the Lord through all the festivities. Christmas still seems far off here in Ukraine. The weather is a cool 32ish degrees (and I'm really enjoying it!) but no snow yet on the horizon. A few flakes were flitting around as we pulled into the train station last week. Christmas trees are just coming out for sale. New Year's, and "Ded Moroz" or 'Grandfather Frost', is more of their bigger cultural holiday. We will be celebrating Christmas twice, once on the 25th (New Christmas) and then on January 7th (Old Christmas). I am praying that the Lord will bless me with my own place to decorate before the new year, but until then enjoying the quiet without the hustle-bustle that is typical.

I have to be honest, it is hard being here when I know the Blyckers are now there with you all. What a joy it would have been to welcome them with you, but as Angela reminded me this past week (as I was tempted to come back to coincide with their time) that God has "work for me to do here." Yes, He does. But enjoy them for me, okay?!

...digressing over...back to the update... :-)

How can I tell...?!
So much has happened since my departure to Jordan and Indonesia on October 30. I feel I have gone to 'the ends of the earth' and back! It is hard to describe all that the Lord did, so will simply share a brief piece of a letter I wrote to Angela upon my return....

"Have much to process yet between Jordan, Indonesia, and Bali.
Tried to begin writing about the [Hindu unreached] people on Nusa Pineda (an island off Bali) but just found myself getting emotional....and put it away. How can I tell so shortly all that God did and showed me? And that is just in one place! What about ...

  • Carla and Tamara, the two sisters-in-love in Jordan and our tearful goodbye after just two short days?
  • The Muslim-background house workers in Bandung who were fascinated by the art project we did there in Puebla on joy and can't wait to do their own?
  • Fatyma, the Crimean Tatar Muslim-background believer in Kiev who translated for an trauma healing session that I unexpected helped lead?
  • Olga, a local woman on the train who just came back from all places...Saginaw, Michigan!
  • And Victor...the war-weary and jittery soldier on the train, going home from the front lines, who put his forehead to my head as I held his scarred hands and prayed over him?

How do I tell all of their stories?! So many people...and there are so many more who need a touch from the Lord." (Dec. 5)

...And now there are even more stories and events in the two weeks back in Ukraine.

  • three two-day conferences since my return, two as a participant, one as an unexpected leader...all about healing and caring for others
  • an apartment hunt to get settled and at 'home'
  • praying over local missionary couple in crisis, humbled and seeking the Lord
  • inviting a local pastor to a conference in progress knowing he needed to be there (he then came for 1.5 out of the two days)
  • speaking truth into two women's lives who are used to operating 'the old Soviet way
  • a meeting with a local organization to set up a trauma healing (TH) conference to minister to their workers

I am honored to be a part of what God is doing in Ukraine.

Thank you, SCC, for being such an important part of this ministry. Training, teaching, sharing and praying in the Middle East (Jordan), Asia (Indonesia) and Eastern Europe (Ukraine) would be possible without your continued intercession, letters of encouragement, skype conversations, and generosity to meet the financial needs.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

In Him,


Women along the way...

Trauma Healing Training in Jordan

Women's retreat in Indonesia

Prayer Needs

  • Spiritual refreshment and reflection as we celebrate Jesus coming to us
  • Holy Spirit leading in all I do
  • Divine appointments and getting out there among the people
  • Guidance in developing Trauma Healing (TH) ministry in Kherson and in Kiev
  • Trauma Healing groups on calendar from now to early Feb.
  • For planned trip to U.S. from early February to early April (more details later)
  • The apartment hunt--for a light, safe, updated apt, near bus stop and with view of the heavens
  • Courage in making connection and decisiveness in planning with TH
  • Increased funding in early 2016 (currently at 30% of full support)
  • Wisdom in relationships with family as they walk through an ongoing season of crisis

Thanks for your prayers! They availeth much!

Here I am...

Technology is so amazing! I am as close as just a skype call away. Would love to connect with you, hear your voices, pray together. It means more than you know. Pass the word!

My skype handle: reneezydaizy :-)

Pics: (Left) Can you tell what I caught these two teenagers on Nusa Pineda doing? I had to smile. Teens are teens no matter how remote. :-); (background) Inside the temple on the Hindu island of Nusa Pineda