Nick Jonas

by Ervin Kelly

Have you heard of Nick Jonas?Well i have.His full name is Nicholas Jerry Jonas.He was born on September 16,1992 in Dallas TX.His favorite color is blue.He has two brother and there names are Joe and Kevin Jonas.They started a band called THE JONAS BROTHERS with his brothers Kevin and Joe Jonas.
his favorite band is Switchfoot.His favorite song is superstition by Stevie Wonder.When he was a kid his hobbies were music,songwriting,baseball,boxing,golf,and collecting baseball cards.Some of this things he still do.
His favorite actor and actress is Matt Long and Keri Lynn Pratt.His favorite ice cream flavor is cotton candy.His favorite movie is Finding Never Land and his favorite TV show is Lost and Sports center on ESPN and his favorite sport is baseball.He was singing a Christmas song with his father.The song they was singing is Joy To The World a Christmas prayer
In 2004 he began a solo artist.The songs he wrote as a solo artist is jealous,give love a try,and chains.All of this are my favorite songs.That's why i wrote my bio about Nick Jonas.THE END.p.s. i got an signed sheet of paper that's says he loves his fans.If you love him i mean love him.He loves you a friend
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