Juan Vallejo Corona and Bruno Ludke

By: Darius Whitfield

Juan Corona

  • Born in Autlan, Mexico (1934)
  • In 1971 police found 25 migrant workers near Yuba City, California
  • In the early 1950s he moved to California to become a migrant laborer
  • Was diagnosed as schizophrenia
  • May 1971, rancher noticed a hole dug up on his property
  • later called police because the hole was covered up
  • The body was of Kenneth Whitacre- stabbed to death- face/head was slashed by a machete or meat cleaver
  • 25 bodies were discovered over a 9 day period- signs of sexual assault
  • On two of the men police found receipts signed by Corona
  • Detectives found a machete and rubber boots
  • sentenced to 25 consecutive life terms

Bruno Ludke

  • Born April 3, 1908
  • Documented 51 murders (mainly women)
  • Mild intellectual disability
  • Signs of sexual abuse on some of his victims.
  • He confessed to killing many of the victims.
  • Declared insane- never went on trail for the killings.
  • No fingerprints were ever found.
  • Many believed he was framed. (chief homicide investigator)