Suicide and Depression Awarness

Emily and Tahnashia

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signs and symptoms of depression

3 SIgns of Depression

~Decreased interests or pleasure~ A depressed person may not show much interest in activities or pleasure in daily activities
~Brain fog~People with depression may not be able to make clear discussions, think clearly or concentrate
~Thoughts of Death~ A depressed person may have frequent thoughts of death and suicide, although they may not have an actual plan of carrying it out.
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Warning Signs of Suicide

~Aggresive or destructive behavior~ Showing extreme mood swings and violence toward others
~Change in eating patterns~Eating to much or to too little
~Insomnia~Getting to much or to little sleep
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Signs of Self Injury

~Physical harm~Unexplained cuts burns bruises etc.

~Low self esteem~Less self value and hopes etc.

~Unappropriated clothes~Wearing long sleeves and or pants in attempt to cover lacerations