Winter Break Ideas!

Below you will find ideas to do over winter break!

Padlet for Reading

Winter break is a great time to catch up on reading. Each child is coming home with a bag of books to read. (After break, send the bag of books back to school with your child.) Have your child read these books or take a trip to the Dublin Library to check out a few good books to read. We will have a Reading Padlet where your child can go on a share with others what they are reading over break. Please try to find time for your child to read most days over break.

Create your own Story Problems!

Create your own story problems and add them too the Google Slide show that was shared with you! For each problem that you create, add a new slide!

Playing Math games with your family!

Play some math games (using the tools in your Home Math Box) with people in your family! If you don't have the gameboards, you can find them on our classroom website. Just click on the button below and head to Math Games find them!


Enjoy your time with your family and friends!

Ms. Wenning