Divisibility Rules

Sayona and Shreya

What is divisibility?

Divisibility is when you can divide 2 numbers without a remainder.

Divide by 2?

When you have an even number as in 6 or 8 you can divide it by 2, if you have a greater number like 54 or 86 , you look for the number in the ones place and if it is even you can divide by 2!!

You can divide by 3?

If you have a number where the sum of the digits add up to a multiple of 3 , then the number is divisible of 3!!! An example would be 243. Add 2+4+3= 9 and 9 is a multiple of 3 and so 243 is divisible by 9.

What about 4?

If the last 2 digits in the number are divisible by 4 also like a multiple of 4 , then the number is divisible by 4! For example: 2340 is divisible by by 4 because the last 2 digits 40 are divisible by 4.

5 is easy, but how do you do it again!

Easy like you said, any number ending 5 or 0 is divisible by 5, like 15 because it ends in 5!

Where is 6?

Right here! To divide by 6 evenly, you need the number to be divisible by 2 or 3!

You got 9?

I certainly do! It is just like dividing by 3 you see! You add the digits and the sum has to be divisible by 9, for example 4+3+7+8+5= 27, so there for 43785 is a multiple of 9.

Isn't 10 easy?

Sure it is any number with 0 at the end I divisible by 10 !!! Like 20,000 is divisible by 10 because 10 goes in 20,000 2000 times.

Divisibility Rules Math Lesson