Explosion and Combustion Motor

Emmett Gilchrist 7B

Explosion and Combustion Motor

The Invention I researched is the Explosion and Combustion Motor

This invention was created by Wilhelm Maybach

The motor was created it to make an automobile engine function and start up

The problem it solved was that it made easier transportation for people and items

It was created around 1884

How it Works and Why We Need it

The Explosion and Combustion Motor works by igniting gas and air to start the motor.

An important fact is that the explosion occurs when mixtures of air and gasoline are joined and ignited

Without it, it would be much harder to transport items and go places

It has improved society because now we have much easier ways of transportation


It has impacted us because travel is much easier

They are sometimes used, but were replaced by the internal combustion engine

The internal combustion engine burns fuel, and gasoline