The U.S Senate

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The Senate Qualifications and Term of Office

For the Qulifications the senators must be a least 30 years old, citizens of the United States for 9 years before election, and legal residents of the state they represent. For the term of office stagered elections are held in November of even numbered years. The senators have 6-year terms.

Salary & Benefits, and Privileges

Salary & Benfits, and privileges

For salaries the senate and the house set their own. Today thier salaries are $174,000. When they retire senators and representatives may be eligible for pensions of $150,000 or more a year for life. Their privileges is that the constitution provides members of congress with protection while carrying out their legislative duties. They are free from arrest in all cases except treason, felony, and breach of the peace when they are attending congress or on their way to or from congress. Bur this privilege does not extend to what the members may say outside of congress.