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Welcome to my blog

Hi! My name is Anna Christenson and welcome to my blog! In my blog, you will find tips, tricks, and ideas about fashion. Some topics that may be in the blog are fashion history, sketching/ design, sewing construction, interior design, advertising , and self esteem. I hope you enjoy it!

Watch how the styles in beauty change from the 1900s to the 2000s.

100 Years of Beauty in 1 Minute - Episode 1: USA (Nina)

Sketching and design

Tip: Before creating an outfit, sketch it on paper. You can use a template like the one below to help draw it out. Also when sketching, draw very detailed and make a front and back sketch.

Advertising and Marketing.

5 things you should have on/in and advertisement.





*Customer review

Sewing Construction

Tip: When sewing hand sewing, start in the back so the knot is in the back, to make it look nicer.
How to Thread a Needle for Hand Sewing

Interior Design

Styling and Personal Image

Tips for having a higher self esteem!

*Don't care what others think

*Be confident

*Be yourself

*Don't stop trying

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