By: Mike and Nick

What is Krokodil?

Desomorphine also known as Krokodil is a heroin like substance which is very highly addictive and potentially harmful. Krokodil is presumed to have desomorphine in it but due to its home manufacturing, many other ingredients maybe contained within it.

Krokodil ingredients.

Many homemade version start with codeine and is a similar manufacturing to meth. Some homemade ingredients are gasoline, paint thinner, lighter fluid, hydrochloric acid, and red phosphorus.

How to use krokodil?

The most common way to use Krokodil is by injection. Those who inject get a serious skin condition that is discolored which resembles a green and black crocodile, hence the name Krokodil. This condition also leads to the rotting of the flesh of the user.

Krokodil Origin

Krokodil has been synthesized in Russia for over a decade. According to the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services about one million people use it in Russia and numbers will keep going up. The drug has also been reported in Ukraine, Georgia, Germany and Norway. There have even been unconfirmed news reports of users in the U.S.

What are some effects of Krokodil?

-8x-10x more potent than morphine.

-Very short high which last sometimes under 2 hours.

-Many users find themselves using very rapidly to avoid withdrawal.

-Users are on physical dependence because of the amount of use.

Health Hazards



-Memory loss

-liver/kidney damage

-Bone infections

-speech impairment

-HIV due to needle sharing

-Rotting gums, teeth, or skin

-Blood poisoning


-Limb amputations

-Blood vessel damage