Tic Tac Toe Project

Ryan Finglass

Killer Bacteria

1.Plasmodium is a family of protists that infect humans with the known disese, Malaria. It is found mostly throught Africa and has one of the highest death rates for a protist.

2.Karenia brevis is a protist that causes red tide and can be extremely dangerous to humans due to its toxins. It is found only in water and located mostly around the Gulf Coast of Mexico.

3. Phytophthora is a group of Protists that have the one of the highest death counts. It was the cause if the Irish Potato Famine which caused the death of over 200,000 people.

4. Trypanosoma is a deadly protist that mostly infects the intestines. It causes one of the most deadly sickness , the sleeping sickness, which is found mostly through sub-Saharan Africa and is transmitted by a tsetse fly bite


The HIV disease is one of the worst diseases someone can get. It originated in Africa from chimpanzees. It is believed that ancient tribes would hunt these apes and kill them for food and fur. During this process the tribal people would come in contact with the apes blood, which would transmit the virus to a human since the virus is blood born. The virus evolved to become sexually transmitted which is how it spread quickly throughout the world.

Aids and HIV have impacted the world in a dramatic way. It is estimated that 35.3 million people in the world are infected with AIDS/HIV. Most new infections occur in low income high poverty areas in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is also estimated that 3.34 million children world wide are currently living with HIV/AIDS. Most of the children are infected with the disease at birth because likely their mother has the disease.

There is not a known cure for the disease but scientist are on the the right track for ringing hopeful cures is the near future. The most doctors are able to do to help fight the disease is giving patients a vaccine for the disease which allows the immune system to recognize the virus so that if ever come in contact with it again, it will be able to recognize it and fight it off before it's too late.

The Role Of Bacteria In The World

Bacteria have multiple roles in the world. When some people think of bacteria, they think that they are bad for you and that you should stay away form them. This is only a stereotype since out of the millions of of bacteria in the world, only a few thousand of them are harmful. In fact most are good for the world. Most living things depend on plants which depend on nitrogen. There are bacteria that help regulate nitrogen from the atmosphere so that plants can take it in because they are not able to directly take in nitrogen. Bacteria also help naturally recycle wast material naturally by decomposing it to make it usable for plants. The also are also found in most of the dairy products that you eat by helping you break down lactose. Bacteria are also found in the medical fields. Doctors have recently discovered pro bacteria that help replenish the bacteria in someone's digestive track. All in all bacteria are found in the places you least expect and have good and bad qualities.