Limited Maritime War

Defend Rights and Honor Through Limited Maritime War

Focus Questions

What is the main cause of the present crisis and who is to blame?

-The British are to blame for capturing American ships and for givings the Native Americans weapons to fight us.

How should the United States respond to the present crisis?

-We should go to war but, keep all of the fighting on the seas. We need to keep the british off of American soil.

What are the issues that are most important to ensuring the future welfare of the United States?

-We need to keep the British from capturing Americans ships so that we are able to trade, and we need to keep fighting off of land to protect citizens.

What will happen if your recommendations are not heeded?

-If a full scale war occurs on American soil British will destroy our homes and factories. If we don't take any action at all the british will capture all of our ships and wreck our economy. Waiting too long would danger even more ships and lessen chance of our success. If you don't listen to our recommendations we will be stuck under British rule.

In summary, what course of action does you option recommend that the United States pursue?

-We need to keep all of the fighting on the sea to avoid the destruction of American land and, immediate action must be taken to protect American ships and sailors.

Political Justifications

-By only fighting a war on one location, the open seas, it allows our economy and government to stay safe and secure so long as we do not allow Britain to land on our shores. That will allow us to maintain our American culture and ways of life, while at war with one of our biggest trading partners.

-Despite losing our most valuable trading partner, we can use our access to the Spanish by land for trading, and our allies, the French to trade overseas in Europe.

-Britain’s biggest access to our land is though the Atlantic, but the decision to fight on the Great Lakes is also an intelligent decision. If we push the British off of the Great Lakes, we can gain massive momentum within the North and possibly conquer Canada, tripling the size of the US within the decade.

-Internationally, we have no allies strong enough to take down the British. Even we, mighty as we are, simply don't have enough military power to defeat the army that just beat Napoleon and his empire on land.

-By exhausting the military and economy of the British by a war sea, we can slowly defend our lands and take the bigger power by surprise and win the war by ambush, much like we did in the Revolution.

Military Justifications

-As a new nation, America just doesn't have a strong enough land army to compete with the British forces who are winning battles against Napoleon

-Only engaging in naval conflict is the best way to prevent the exposure of America's military vulnerability on land.

-Maritime war can help support and protect the commercial ships on the high seas with armed American vessels.

-It would be the most beneficial to stay neutral and defensive rather than triggering any unnecessary engagements, however, due to the actions the British have taken against Americans, we do not see this as unnecessary

-Finally, military action must be taken before the British decide to make the first move against America and cause more damage that they already have

Historical Justifications

-As a new nation which is still developing, fighting a full scale war against the British would be detrimental to the future of America

-Historically speaking, there has only been a short time since the end of the American Revolution. Furthermore, America is already dealing with too much debt and destruction to get into another war on land with Britain.

-During the Revolutionary War, which was fought on land, America would have certainly failed if the French had not aided us, and as they are facing struggles of their own, there is no guarantee that they would be able to aid us again