How to survive Medusa!

By: Hadjy Velasquez

Breif Description

Medusa is A mythical monster in greek mythology, But Just becuase she isn't real doesn't mean you shouldn't at least know what to do In case you dream of fighting the Greek monster! Medusa is a Gorgon which means she has the power to turn people to stone, Along with her sisters Stheno and Euryale. Medusa and her sisters were cursed by Athena Goddess of wisdom. Medusa Used to date Posiedon, They once entered Atena's temple without her knowing, She was enraged And cursed her beatiful dark hair and turned her hair into vicious snakes

Steps 1-5

1.)Medusa is not a sneaky monster,becuase of her snakes itching to get what they want you have to listen carefully for tiny hisses 2.) Once you encounter her keep your eyes totally shut just one sneak peek at her eyes can lead to your doom 3.) Try your best to ignore her snakes, they can hypnotize you to open your eyes 4.) Once you at least have her distracted do the best that you can to avoid realease your self from her grip 5.) make arun for it, if not possible do as much damage to her so when she is weakened and try to decapitate her!

The Family Of Gorgons

The Strengths and Weaknesses Of Medusa

Medusa Is a very strong opponent in battle, so it's a good thing you know her strengths and her weaknesses. Medusa's glear like her sisters has the ability to turn any hero to stone. So be advised never look at her Eyes! Her snakes are able to hypnotize you and trick you mind to opening you eyes! But the great Medusa has flaws, knowing Medusa's strengths you can now fighure out her flaws of defeatnig her. The only way to avoid a rocky death is really do everything you can to ignore her snakes and her eyes. One maing thing is you look for anything reflective becuase Medusa must be able to freeze you directly at your eyes. So a Reflection is a the only other way to not become a statue. Also Cutting her head off will instanly stop her. But be carefull the head will still work


Now that you are all knowing about the greeks most feared creature in all of greek myths you shall be prepared young hero in any of your future quests. But be warned just becuase you know the basics of medusa and how to at least survive!