The Dragon Blast

March 2020 - New Palestine Music & Performing Arts!

!! St. Patricks Day has been rescheduled for the 18th. (see below)

In this edition:
  • Important Dates
  • Piano Lab possibilities
  • Glitter Dragons leaving a mark!
  • FREE Community Performance
  • UPDATE: Winter Percussion
  • Whats the diff?? - Marimba vs Xylophone
  • Concessions & Fundraiser Links
  • Rescheduled St. Patrick's Day

Stay Informed & Stay Involved & Stay in the Arts!!

- Alan

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Important Upcoming Dates

New Palestine Intermediate


March 5th - 6:30pm - NPI Cafeteria - BAND NIGHT: Mandatory 6th grade Parents meeting about new instruments.


In April & May: 6th graders will get a "head start" for 7th grade band, and start playing their new instruments at NPI with Mrs. Ray.

Parent meeting and participation in April and May sessions are required for all students who plan to play in the band at NPJH.

Future events - mark your calendar:

May 8th - 5pm-9pm: NPI Student Showcase!

New Palestine Junior High

March 3rd AND 10th - 2:30-3:30p: 7th Grade Band rehearsals

March 4th AND 9th - 2:30-3:30p: 8th grade Band rehearsals

March 9th: Rock Band!

March 14th - 8:30am: 7th Grade ISSMA Concert Band Contest @ Center Grove MIDDLE-North

March 14th - 12:55pm: 8th Grade ISSMA Concert Band Contest @ Center Grove MIDDLE-North

NPJH Jazz Band & Select Performers:

March 17th: Dragon Search Dress Rehearsal

March 18th: Dragon Search Talent Show

New Palestine High School

March 6th - @ Whiteland HS: ISSMA Jazz Festival, Jazz Combo at 7:30 / Jazz Ensemble at 9:50

March 13th-14th: New Pal hosts the IPA competition (Required Fair-Share Event)

Sign up link below.

March 19th - 8pm @ NPHS Gym: Free Community Performance for all 3 Winter Guards and Audio Theater (winter percussion)

If available, links to full calendars are below.

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Piano Lab !!

These are the Performing Arts Dragons of the future! Trying their hand at the Piano Lab w/ Mrs. Stratman and Mrs. Torgersen. Maybe there's a future Jean-Yves Thibaudet in there...

Who's Jean-Yves Thibaudet??? THIS is Jean-Yves Thibaudet!

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NPHS Glitter Dragons are for REAL

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As the Winter Guard season enters it's final month, one thing is very apparent. The success of last year in making State Finals was no fluke. This unit is young, tough, and extremely talented.

Earning top placings in each of their last three competitions, the sprint to the finish line will be exciting to say the least!

For the Varsity unit, March 7th will be the State Prelims & Semi-finals.

Should they earn the ticket-punch to State Finals, that will be held March 21st.

To stay up to speed with the success of the group, please follow the Facebook Pages (links below)

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What: FREE Community Performance

When: March 19th at 8:00pm

Where: NPHS gym

Why: See all of the winter performances in one place!

Varsity Glitter Guard -- Junior Varsity Glitter Guard -- Cadet Glitter Guard -- and Audio Theater (winter percussion) will be on hand to show off their talents and accomplishments for 2020. Invite the family (the whole family), neighbors, family friends, potential future performers, and anyone else!

Hope to see you there!

UPDATE: Winter Percussion

The show for this year is titled Breakaway. It features music by Radiohead and Kelly Clarkson, along with some original music from the shows arrangers. Throughout the show, different soloists and section features are using experimental sounds not normally heard in indoor percussion shows to highlight the "Breakaway" theme.

The season is going very well. The final stages of the show are currently being learned and the unit is excited to share the show during the big IPA event at New Pal on 3/14, and again for the free community performance on the 19th at the HS.

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Whats the difference?

Marimba vs Xylophone

First off, yes.. Xylophone starts with an X. Not a Z.

Kinda like Zebra... wait.... Xebra?


For your own protection, don't try to act all smart in front of a percussionist and assume all those piano looking things on wheels that you play with sticks are all called Xylophones. Even though you and your classmates played them in elementary school, don't risk it.


Remember these:

You wore velcro shoes and your pants were too short. You sat in a circle and played these xyloph..... Nope. Thats not a xylophone. That's a glockenspiel, silly.

Aaaand we've seen your school picture playing it. Your pants were too short. Nice hair.

SO... whats the difference between a Marimba and a Xylophone?

The RESONATORS?: Nope. While it's not common for a xylophone to have resonators... SOME orchestral xylophones DO. All marimbas have resonators (that's the long tubes underneath).

The BARS?: Nope. Both have wooden bars.

But I thought marimbas had metal bars?? No.. you're thinking of a vibraphone. Don't skip ahead.

The SIZE?: Well... sort of. It is not uncommon to see 2 players at a Marimba playing with 4-8 mallets at once. Xylophones are typically not as wide. Enough room for one player.

The SOUND?: This is the best way to tell the difference. A Xylophone is 1 octave HIGHER than a marimba. Think of Saturday morning, watching Sylvester the Cat sneaking up on Tweety Bird. That high pitched tippy-toe sound is a xylophone.

Marimba's are lower pitched and frequently used in marching band/drum corps shows because of their deep rich sounds.

Don't get me wrong. There are plenty PLENTY of other differences between these instruments. The way they are tuned- their origin- their purpose. But knowing this little bit will give you a fighting chance to tell the difference & impress your friends! :)

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St. Patrick's Day Rescheduled

False alarm... it was the no-bake sale that got rescheduled.

St. Patrick's Day is still on the 17th. Get your one green shirt ready.

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