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  • PTO
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Principal's Message

Greetings Mighty Miner Bear Family and Happy Lunar New Year,

Happy New Year to all! It is always my intent to communicate effectively and as often as possible with all families, one way to do that is to send out weekly updates, news, and announcements! As we move into the new year, I will begin to deliver as much information and as many updates as possible through the weekly newsletter. Please also note that any information that you may not see in the newsletter, may be found on the school website, minerelementary.org.

In Partnership

Principal Dance

Check out our Miner Bears!

On the Horizon

2022-2023 DCPS Calendar

2022-2023 DCPS Calendar (Spanish)

Tues, Jan. 24th

- Miner Monthly Staff Meeting at 3:30

- LSAT meets at 5pm via Zoom

- ECE Open House for incoming families (4pm-5pm)

Wed, Jan. 25th

- NO SCHOOL (Professional Development and Records Day)

- Term 2 ends

Thurs, Jan. 26th

- 3rd grade field trip

- Boys Basketball vs. Watkins at 4pm

Sat, Jan. 28th

- Miner Mutual Aid Network Community Table (11am-12pm)

Early Childhood (PK and K) Updates and Information

Interested in becoming a Parent Volunteer?

Please complete the DCPS (District of Columbia Public Schools) Volunteer application as soon as possible. (Click this link ) Volunteer in Our Schools | dcps WE’D LOVE YOUR SUPPORT!

Helpful Tips for Parents of Pre-K Children

As your child reaches preschool age, they become more independent and are learning to get along with others. Going to preschool and getting ready for kindergarten is a time where they become part of the school community and spend more time away from home. They will start to question why they have to do what you tell them, but they are also old enough to understand when you explain the reasons. To help you be the best parent or caregiver you can be, we have listed some tips for helping your child grow and develop during these important years.

  • Continue to talk, sing and read to your child
  • Nurture your child’s love for books by taking them to the library or a bookstore
  • Teach responsibility in small steps, starting with simple things like picking up their toys
  • Let your child help with simple chores
  • Set a good example by consistently doing the things you want your child to do
  • Encourage your child to play with other children, so they learn sharing and friendship
  • Speak to your child in complete sentences, using “grown up” words. This will help develop language skills, using the correct words and phrases
  • Help your preschooler work through the steps of solving a problem when they are upset
  • Be clear and consistent when disciplining your child. Explain and show the behavior you want. When telling them no, explain what they should be doing instead
  • Limit TV and computer time to just one to two hours a day. Children spending more than 2 hours a day in front of a screen are more likely to become obese and have behavior problems
  • Monitor what your child is watching. Programs that show violent or angry actions and words can scare a preschooler and lead to nightmares or aggressive behavior
  • Give your child a limited number of simple choices, like choosing what to wear, what games to play or what snack to eat

Grades K-2 Updates and Information

- K- 2 students are currently taking their Dibels Reading assessments. While all students have not completed testing, our MOY data currently shows that our students are making growth towards their targeted goals. Parents can receive data from their stduent's teacher, once testing has concluded.

Grades 3-5 Updates and Information

- 3-5 students are in the midst of Middle Of Year (MOY) testing. Please ensure that your students are on-time and present each day.

-5th grade families, MY School DC lottery is now open for SY23-24. View your potential Middle School's website for more information on school tours and/or open houses.

Get involved with the Miner PTO!

​​Click here for the latest edition of the PTO "Week Ahead" newsletter

If you are a member of the Miner Community and would like to receive this newsletter emailed to you directly from the PTO, please email minerpto@gmail.com.

Big picture

Miner Bears Athletics

Basketball season is upon us...Below is the Miner Mighty Bears 2023 Schedule. All games are scheduled to begin at 4pm.

- Jan. 26th vs. Watkins at Miner

- Feb. 2nd vs Browne at Miner

- Feb. 9th at Burville ES

- Feb. 16th vs. Payne at Miner

STEM @ Miner ES

- Shout out to Ms. Hillenbrand and the STEM team for ensuring our kindergarten students had a chance to participate in the DC Water book reading event.

- Semester 2 LEGO club info will be going out this week, please check your student's backpack for more information.