John F. Kennedy

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John F. Kennedy was the 35th president of the United States from 1961-1963. He was also the youngest president elected to office.



Born In Brookline, Massachusetts on May 29, 1917

Graduated from Harvard in 1940

He entered the Navy

After he returned

He became a Democratic Congress man, in 1953 he advanced to the senate. In 1956 he gained democratic nomination for Vice President, four years later he made it on the ballot for president. After many debates with Nixon that the American people watching from the comforts of their homes.

Kennedy barely won by popular vote.


  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy was named after his maternal grandfather 'John Fitzgerald'
  • He was married to Jackie Kennedy
  • Kennedy installed a secret security system in the White House
  • He had four children
  • Youngest president
  • Assassinated on November 22, 1963 in Dallas Texas.

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“Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” These famous words stay with us today. Through years of presidents this has remained in the hearts of every American. When he asked for our cooperation and sacrifice we gave it to him, we trusted him to help us get through the hard times such as the Cold War. Kennedy was a man that everyone could trust because he tried his best to do what was right for the people. Only the good die young.
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