World Language - Spanish Class

Profe Crowe - 6th grade Spanish Class
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Los Animales - Recursos para estudiantes

Quizlet- animales 28 terms

Spanish Mini-course- Animals : List, flash cards, games in Learn a

English-Spanish picture dictionary : List of animals by animal categories -mammals, fish, insects, reptiles, birds, monsters.

Free audio lesson on Animals in Spanish by Rocket Languages. Includes test yourself.

U1-E1 – Recursos para estudiantes


  • Ser+adjetivos. Click here.
  • Adjectives: grammar explanation. Click here.
  • Professions: flash cards from the website Learn a Language. Click here.
  • SER + Adjectives, descriptions –Sr Jordan 6:59. Click here.

Study Guides


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Crowe - U1-E2- Recursos para estudiantes

U1 - E2 Study Guide

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U1 - E2 Study Guide Answer Key

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Profe Crowe’s resources for U1-E3 Te presento a mi familia
Quizlet : tener conjugation

"Tener" Packet Answer Key


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