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Children unable to recieve an education?

More than 72 million kids are unable to get an education all around the world.

Girls unable to attend school?

About 39 million/ 54% girls are unable to attend school.

Why can't children go to school?

  • Families may have difficulty affording school fees or the cost of uniforms, or may need and children to work to contribute to the family income.
  • Families may keep their children at home if they feel the journey to school is too long or that it's dangerous to walk to school alone. They may also be worried about bullying or violence, especially for girls.
  • In some countries, families place more emphasis on the education of boys, and may not believe it is important to send their daughters to school.
  • Conflicts, economic crises and natural disasters prevent millions of children around the world from getting an education.

What is being done?

There are many organizations and fundraisers around the world to help children get an education. Also families are protesting against their government.
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Who is Malala?

Malala is a young girl who stood up in her own country for girls to get an education.

What is she known for?

Malala is known for being one of the first girls to stand up for girls education.
It is not fair for only a limit of children to go to school. Malala's story makes me feel thankful because I get an education while other have to work and clean. I can be a part in helping others get an education by donating money to them.