Welcome Back!

Mindfully Integrate technology into your classroom!

Learning Technologies Team

Our HPEDSB Learning Technologies team welcomes you back to another awesome 2015-2016 learning journey. Our goal is to partner with you as you integrate technology across all the curriculum. Engaging and inspiring students to become responsible digital citizens and curious global learners.

Who is here to help?

Google Apps for Education (GAFE)

Students GAFE accounts are automatically created when they are registered and entered into Maplewood. Student user names are an extension of their unique login IDs (e.g - he123ye@apps.hpedsb.on.ca). If this is a student's first time logging into GAFE their default password is their birthday (e.g. - yyyy/mm/dd). If students have logged into GAFE before and have forgotten password you will need to access MyAccounts and reset to a new password of your choice or back to birthday default. See Wendy's post on MyAccounts - http://goo.gl/oGg7Nb and feel free to contact SETS if you have any further help.

Google Classroom

Many of our educators and students are feeling increasingly confident within GAFE environment. Google Classroom might be your next step as you offer students opportunities to review and complete assignments seamlessly with Google. If you have used Google Classroom view linked video for a quick review of new features. VIDEO

Digital Citizenship

Wendy and Heather are offering Digital Citizenship "kick off" sessions for students returning this Fall. We hope to challenge students to think about issues such as Digital Distraction, Cyberbullying, Creation and Credit and their Digital Footprint as they work to become responsible digital citizens inside and outside of class. Digging deeply can include 5 collaborative session with teachers.