Jordan Brown

What I like to do

I love to run and enjoy about anything that involves running. I am currently running cross country. I am also a big fan of basketball and I will most likely play for the school again this year. I Just started playing golf this past summer and I'm thinking about playing for the school this year.


My background consists of 2 sciences. I have taken Biology and Earth science. I made pretty good grades in both of them but overall they weren't my favorite classes

About my summer

My summer consisted of some vacations, hanging out with friends, and playing golf for the first time. I went on a vacation to Daytona Beach in Florida with my family. I also went to New York to visit family. I hung out with friends the majority of the summer and we did some pretty fun stuff as well. In July one of my friends had asked me to play golf with him one day and ever since that day I enjoy watching and playing golf.