Invention of the First Telephone

By: Keanni Long-Wright

Description of Alexander Graham Bell

He was born and educated in Scotland. He later moved to the United States where he studied ways of teaching hearing impaired people to speak. While he was doing that he experimented with sending voices through electrical waves.

Description of the Telephone

By 1876 Alexander Graham Bell developed a device that was going to be used to transmit speech through electrical wires which would soon be called the Telephone. While he was preparing to test the device he spilled Battery Acid on his clothing, in panic he called his assistant which was located in another room and Mr. Watson (Assistant) heard Bells voice come through the telephone. And ever since then the telephone has been a huge success!


Alexander Graham Bell formed a telephone company in 1877. By the 1890s he has sold hundreds of thousands of telephones. Most of the early customers to buy this invention were businesses. Before long, Telephones were common in homes aswell.