On the Wings of Heroes

Richard Peck

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How would you like having your brother go to war and your dad be a veteran? Well that's the life of Davy Bowman. With his brother Bill flying B-17s and all the stuff going on at the home front Davy and his best friend Scott (scooter) Tomlinson have to survive girl bullies, rations, and school all at the same time also while there's the Second World War. Davy has to deal with a lot of drama. Will Bill come home or will he be lost in Europe somewhere.


Patience is the theme of this book. The reason I chose patience because in the book Davy and his family waits for Bill to come home. Davy and his friend Scott (Scooter) have to be patient when they're collecting milkweed, paper, and other stuff for rations. The author put patience in the book to show that even in the toughest times people have to be patient.


In the Second World War you couldn't just go into a store and buy anything you wanted because everything was rationed. The reasoning behind rationing was that you could only get small portions of what you wanted and because most of the stuff you would buy was being used in the war. Gasoline was even rationed, everybody had a ration sticker if they owned a car. If you had an "a" sticker you could only get 4 gallons a week, if you had a "b" sticker which was for industrial war workers and got 8 gallons a week. "C" stickers were for physicians and mail carriers and "t" stickers were for truckers and got unlimited fuel. There were even ration books and tokens which told how much stuff one person could buy.


The author put rations in the book and got his facts right. Mr. Peck even talked about ration stickers. He put rations in the book by having Davy and Scooter go find scrap metal, paper, and milkweed. Mr. Peck also put in rations by having Davy and Scooter saving up their ration tokens and scrap metal and buy stuff in the end.


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