Anchor Book #2

A scene from the Award Winning book Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

Scene Summary

This book is about a boy named Brian and he is on his way to the Airport with his mom to visit his dad but then his mom pulls out a (Hatchet) and gives it to him then when he gets to the Airport he gets on to the plane then he see's that his mom is crying but he still gets on and about half way throw the forest to Canada the Pilot has a massive heart attack and the plane crashes but Brian doesn't die no he swim out of the plane with probably with a major concussion but he goes to the beach and gets eaten alive by mosquitos but he falls asleep from pain.

This is one of the many book covers.

This is so good it has won more that three awards.
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The forest where the book and movie are based on.

This is the forest where the book and the forest is based.
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