PHS English Class

Mrs. Arntz 6th Period

Mrs. Arntz English class is fun but challenging. For me its the challenge that makes it fun. Everyday your mental ability is tested. If you are looking for intelligent interesting discussions Mrs. Arntz's classroom is located next to the wild life museum on the other side of the campus.
What i love about Mrs. Arntz's class is right when you get into class she already has you thinking. The brain is like any other muscle if you don't use it it'll become flabby and weak. She starts every class with a daily quote and challenges you to get your brain in great shape!

The Best Class at PHS!

What i find that makes her class so unique is that she truly cares about each one of her students. She does not discriminate and tries to make a connection with every student so that'll be motivated to show her you can do it. At first it may seem difficult to tell but Mrs. Arntz is a women of few words, but knows many.